The Outsiders~Love Story

Chapter 1

Pain and Eyes

I lay on the cold hard ground, feeling the little pebbles under me. Tasting salty blood running down my throat and rushing down the side of my face.

I laid there grabbing at my pants because of the intense pain.
I tried to concentrate on anything else but the pain. I stared up at the stars with huge tearfilled eyes thinking about every breath I took. Thinking if this was the end.

It felt like a blurry film was put over my eyes and I started going in and out of consciousness.
Why me?

It felt like I was laying there for hours. It was so peaceful, and then I heard footsteps running towards me. I thought they were back and I started screaming trying over and over to get up, and failing each time.
I couldn't see scince everything was blurry so all I could see was a dark figure above me. Then I felt arms wrap around me and pick me up. I focused and only saw eyes.

Big black eyes staring into mine.

"It's no use..." I barely managed to get out before passing out, my body limp in this strangers arms.

Sometime in the night:

I tossed and turned dreaming. Figures surrounding me, still tasting blood in my mouth, screams, and those eyes. Everything was happening again and again. Sweat was streaming down my face.

Next thing I know I sat straight up and screamed at the top of my lungs. My eyes were wide as I looked around where I was.

Six boys were surrounding me where I laid. I looked at them in a daze and whiped my forehead off from the sweat and my eyes from the tears.

I fell back down and knew I wasn't laying on the street anymore. I thought I was dreaming still but I could hear voices which seemed off in the distance.
"Where did you find her??" Someone said. I couldn't really make out the others.
I still laid there tossing and turning.

Then I trailed off into another dream. It was one of those dreams where you feel like your falling off a building and have no control of stopping it. Then it never ends until you eventually wake up.
I got to the end of the fall in the dream and right before I woke up, I remembered those eyes again.


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