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1) The story doesn't have to be finished
2) I'll review fanfics as best I can. I like Twilight, so that'll be my strong point.
3) All reviews will have their own personal chapter in this story.
4) I'll also put messages/advertisments by the author.
5) It doesn't have to be your story, just recommend it!

Message me or comment for requests for reviews and questions!

Chapter 1

Hunted - A Modern Avatar Story ~CryJohnny/When_Im_With_You (Chandler)~

by: grace_v
Overall Rating: 4.5/5

This story is based on the series "Avatar, the Last Airbender", only in modern form. It takes place in Evercraft City, where military troops try to track down a shadow figure. No one gets a hold on it, though. No one knows what it is... yet.

Chandler uses complex military terms and specifics often, so the only critisism I have is that if you have no idea about the military, you may get lost. I'd like to see a little more explanations on the terms. I love the formality of the story, don't get me wrong, but like I said. Anyone who doesn't have an interest in military education may need a little more help understanding.

On a lighter note, I absolutely love the action. The suspense is wonderful. I would highly recommend this story to my friends.

You can read "Hunted - A Modern Avatar Story" at the link below!


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