In The Shadow Of The Night

A love story about a teenage girl who falls in love with a what you could say 'bad boy' but there are difficult challenges laid ahead.
ChapterOnePhoto: Elizabeth
ChapterTwoPhoto: Ethan

Chapter 1


My step-mother was pounding at my door rapidly. I slowly opened my eyelids and checked the time. It was 5:30 in the morning. Reluctantly I staggered to my feet and opened the door to face my 5 foot, stout and stern looking step mother. I constantly asked myself what my father saw in her and her stupid daughters.
"There are a list of chores sitting on the table, you must get dressed, eat and do them before the prince comes!" She giggled and walked away quickly. I grabbed my red plaid shirt and threw on some black short shorts pulled a comb through my soft, straight black hair and took off down the stairs. I started in the kitchen with breakfast, a bagel and some scrambled eggs the usual for me while my step mom, step sisters and father were having the breakfast of champions. I got up and started on the massive palace kitchen counters. They were close to spotless but my step mum wouldn't have it. she said every single spec of dust should be gone by the time the 'oh so handsome' prince came. They were very close to being our biggest threat and enemy why the heck bring them here? I continued my chores as I thought of a life that would never come true. An hour later the kitchen floors were swept and the counters wiped, now onto the what you may call the 'living' room. I call it the center room because there isn't anything in it but art work and a giant staircase in it. I scrubbed and scrubbed until my hands were rubbed raw. I had finally finished the center room. I was about to begin on the dining hall but my step mother came running towards me look rushed.
"They are here they are here!! Make your self presentable or make yourself scarce we do not need them thinking we're a bunch of bottom feeders, run along now" I nodded not knowing what else to say. I quickly gathered my cleaning supplies and ran up the grand staircase, followed a dark hallway to my room and quickly changed into my best dress. It was fit for a princess if worn right. I tied my hair in a messy bun, put in my cutest plugs and slipped on my converse, surely no one would see them? I ran down the staircase just in time to hear the castle doors creaking as they opened and to see the tall, blonde, handsome prince walk through the door with his good looking parents. I curtsied careful not to lift my dress to high for them to see my converse.
"come" My step mother said. We followed her through a candle lit hallway to the dining room. The prince behind me and I behind my two step sisters. We came into the dining room the table was dark brown and sprawled from one end to the other, for grand dinners of course. I took the most secluded chair I could find. The one on the corner next to the kings chair. My father gave me a slight smile as I grabbed the chair next to his. I smiled back and sat down.
"So what's for dinner?" Queen Evansee giggled.
My step mothers eyes widened as if she did not know.
"Well um whatever you'd like of course!" She stumbled upon her words. I couldn't help but laugh at her poor soul. She gave me 'the look' and I instantly hushed.
"Kyle why don't you introduce yourself?" Queen Evansee said.
"You pretty much already did" I blurted out. I quickly covered my mouth with my hands.
"I'm so sorry! I didn't mean that" I quickly said.
King and Queen Evansee Looked at me like I was a disgrace. I could read my step mothers face like a book.
-She's never going to be fit for the crown or even a decent man- I looked down at my empty plate and traced patterns on my hands.
The dinner was slow for me and all I ever heard was compliments to my step sisters and towards the Prince. I soon felt so compelled from the whole scene I got up and left. It started as a slow walk into a quick jog. As I felt the hot tears roll down my face. I ran and ran ,not caring about my dress, until I reached my place. the place no one could take away from me. The dream pond I called it. I could just lay there and think. Do nothing else but think.
I lay there and breathe, but I soon hear a quiet noise, the rustling of bushes. I come up slowly and search the area. No one. I lay down once again and drift to sleep in the silky green grass.
I open my eyes to find the sun just setting. I get up and start to walk towards my home. I slipped through tall green trees and finally made it to the castle wall. I asked the guards to let me in. They opened the gates and welcomed me home. I walked through the doors to see that the Evansee's still had not left and they were chatting in the center room with my step mum, sisters and my father. I knew I looked a mess. I quickly tried to run up the stairs without being noticed, but with little success. My step mum called to me.
"Elizabeth! Where in the world have you been" I looked down at my dirty hands and ran them through my snarly grass filled hair.
"No where" I said and in a sense, it was true.

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