Together Forever..Literally.(Twilight Story)

Imagine Melody Burns,a girl who's about to die,as a friend.How would you feel?Would you take care of her?Kill her?Maybe even marry her?Well,what happen to Melody,you'll have to find out.Who will she fall for?Jacob,Seth or one of the pack boys?Hmm.I hope you enjoy!

Chapter 1

What the heck is going on?

I was starving.My stomach hurt,my head was spinning,and i was bleeding horribly.I held onto the mossy trees to balance me out,but nothing was helping.I was going to die.In Canada.Before i knew it,there were no more trees.I heard a howl.That could have just been my imagination getting to me.

I turned around,just in time to see a wolf staring into my eyes.It's right there.A big auburn one.My eyes widened.
"Don't eat me."I whispered.
I felt around.We were in a meadow.With flowers everywhere.The wolf turned his head to his back.
"You want to me get on?"I asked.He nodded his big head.His eyes were showing my reflection.I looked into them.I looked horrible.My eye was black and purple,my lips weren't pink anymore,i had lost alot of weight.I was a stick.My eyes had lost their sparkle.And the cut in my arm didn't help.It was almost down to the bone,and went to my elbow.I had no idea what happen.An arrow shot by the tree,and i grabbed my backpack and ran.

Before that though,someone had threw a freaking spear at me,and it cut my arm.I mean,who does that?Tries to kill someone with a spear and arrow?I ignored my ugliness and got up on his back.He took off.I bounced up and down,like on a horse.Soon,though,we passed a sign that said,Forks,Washington."Where are we?"I asked the wolf.He leaned down for me to get off.I slid off,and almost fell over,when his snout,caught me.He had purposly leaned it down.
"Thanks."I said,and looked around.A beach was in front of us.The wolf put his nose up to the sky and howled.At least a dozen howls responded.The wolf looked at me,almost as if he was showing off.I was too hurt with my arm to respond.I had lost alot of blood.I was getting dizzy.I was hungry again.When i looked back,6 wolves stood there.7 including the one that was next to me.I started backing up.He was setting me up.He was going to eat me.The wolf moved closer to me,his nose outstreached.
"Your going to eat me aren't you?"I asked,staring into his eyes.He shook his head.I calmed down.
"Well,then why did these cutie pies come?"I asked,and rubbed the little grey one.He purred.The wolf seemed mad.I stopped rubbing him.
The wolf looked at the black one,then at me,and back.I stood there,getting dizzy again.I held my head,my eyes shut.It was loud.It was thumping,very loudly.I fell to the ground in pain.The last thing i remeber,was looking into the russet ones eyes again.
~Jacob's P.O.V~
Sam and I looked at the girl,lying on the beach,screaming bloody murder.I ran to her side,my big eyes staring into her little ones.And suddenly they went dead.
We have to get help!I thought.Sam looked at the rest of them.
She's not our priorities.He thought coldly.I huffed out air,and changed back to a human.I picked her up,and turned to the pack.
"Thanks alot.Really apreciate it."I said,and ran to the car.I put her in the truck,and drove to the hospital.One of the ladies was asking me questions.
I saw Doctor Cullen,run by into the room she was in.
"How did you find her?"
"I was just in the woods.Found her all mangled and like that."
She wrote it down,and told me to wait.She walked into the room,and yeah.I fell asleep.
Next thing i knew,i was being woken by Doc.
"Your friends,fine."He said.
"Did you..You know?"I asked.
He shook his head.
"She's very special.I could tell.That's why i took her alone.Too see what she is."
"Well what is she?"
"That.I can't tell you.But,she keeps asking for her wolf."I felt abit better.I shook his hand and went inside the room.I breathed again.The girl didn't reconize me.
"Who are you?"She asked.She looked so fragile.Her hair was brushed back,and color was regained to her face.She looked beautiful.The scrape on her arm was still there though.
"Jacob.I'm your russet wolf."

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