Harry Potter One-Shots

This is just a mixture of all the Harry Potter moments I've realized could be made into a story, plus some of the stories that I feel should have been shared, but weren't by the queen of Harry Potter, J.K. Rowling. There is no specific sequence in the way they are posted. All characters in this are J.K. Rowling's and I do not attempt to take credit for owning them. Enjoy!

WARNING: Some of these are sad and emotional. Sorry, my mind's a bit morbid sometimes.

Chapter 3

Because I Love You

Harry thought he had it bad during his time at Hogwarts. At least he got the girl from the beginning, much unlike his father. It's James Potter's seventh and final year at Hogwarts and he plans to complete his one goal that he's been trying to accomplish since his first year: Get Lily Evans to say yes to him...

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry had never looked more beautiful than on this fine winter morning. Freshly fallen snow laid over the ground in inches, the Black Lake was frozen over and sparkling in the sunlight, and the grounds were blissfully silent...Well, almost silent.
"Evans, come on! Just say yes to me," James loudly begged the annoyed red-head storming away from him outside of the Great Hall.
Lily Evans, the apple of James' eye, the love of his life, and also the girl that hated him with everything in her being, simply rolled her eyes and called over her shoulder to him, "Keep dreaming, Potter."
She muttered what James could only assume to be curse words directed toward him under her breath as she walked away from him. He stopped halfway up the stairs and leaned against the railing, admiring her as she retreated. His best friend, Sirius, stepped up beside him and clapped a hand on his shoulder.
"Why do you put up with her, Prongs?" he inquired, shaking his head.
"I love her," James said simply, still staring at the spot that Lily once stood.
"If you ask me, she isn't even that good-looking."
James shook his head at his clearly delusional friend and they began to walk back toward the common room together. "Padfoot, you don't understand."
"Clearly," Sirius scoffed. He gestured to a group of giggling sixth years passing them by and winked at them. "Now those girls, they are very good-looking. Beyond good-looking, actually. They're hot! Go off and fall in love with one of them."
Shrugging at the Sirius' comment, James replied, "They're alright, I guess."
Sirius looked downright apalled. "Alright? Merlin, there is something wrong with you. You'd pick Lily Evans, the girl who's done nothing but turn you down since first year, over those completely gorgeous girls?"
"They're giggling is annoying," James pointed out. "They're probably air-headed. Not to mention, they're clothing looks like they're mums picked it out."
"Evans dresses like them," Sirius reminded him.
"But Evans looks different in them."
Sirius groaned at James' inability to see any reason in getting over Lily, but ended up laughing a moment later after seeing James' dazed expression as he probably thought of Lily in those clothes. "She's got you whipped and you two aren't even dating."
James pretended to grimace. "Trust me, I know."
"Dare I ask what makes Evans just so special?"
This question actually took a moment of thought for James -- not because he couldn't think of anything, but because he thought of so many things that could suffice as an answer for this inquiry. He opened and closed his mouth several times before putting together a sufficient response.
"Well, it's just that Lily's different from any girl I've ever met. It's not just because of good-looks, which she has plenty of by the way. She's smart, funny, creative, friendly, and just...she's so...incredible. Whenever she's around I can't help but try and impress her. I've never felt this way about anyone before. She's just perfect...I can't explain it, but I love her..."
At the end of James' explanation, it took everything in Sirius' power not to burst out laughing. James knew this, but didn't care because he also knew that Sirius had never been in love before. He didn't know how this felt and how confusing it was having her hate you in return.
"Too bad you can't just say that stuff to her, mate. She might actually stop insulting you constantly."
James nodded, for once on this topic, completely agreeing with Sirius. If he said half of these things to Lily, though, he'd more than likely be slapped senseless by her.
No, if there was one thing that James Potter could never do, it's admit all of these things to Lily.
"Yeah, too bad," agreed James.
He and Sirius made their way past an old suit of armor as they continued to the common room. Had they walked a bit slower, they would have seen a petite and familiar red-head step out from behind it, looking completely baffled by everything that she had just heard from the two long-gone Gryffindors.
Did James just...He said I'm... Even in her thoughts her words weren't coherent.
She felt an odd sensation of her stomach flipping as she recounted what James had said in her mind.
"Lily's different from any girl I've ever met..." Flip. "She's smart, funny, creative, friendly, and just...she's so...incredible..." Flip. "I've never felt this way about anyone before..." Flip. "I just love her..." Flip.
Her thoughts were screaming at her to do twenty different things to handle this, none of which included dwelling more on his words. That's just what Lily did, though. She couldn't wrap her head around the fact that the man that she had been blatantly rejecting since she met him could make her feel this way or say such beautiful things about her. It was boggling.
She'd always been aware of the small feelings that she'd felt for James, no matter how overpowered by hatred they were, but right now, it's all she could feel. They were stronger than ever and completely overwhelming.
Lily bit her lip silently and leaned against the wall, trying to wrap her head around whatever she might just feel for James Potter.
Dinner seemed to come quickly for both James and Lily that night. For James because he still hadn't come up with another reason for Lily to date him and the time flew by as he continued to think of one, and for Lily because she still hadn't decided what to do about James.
James walked down to the Great Hall early with his group of friends -- the Marauders as they were called in school -- and found a spot toward the center of the table, the better for girls in every year and house to gaze intently at Sirius as he grinned at them all. It was James' turn to laugh at his best friend for his attention-seeking attitude.
Lily entered for dinner with her roommate Mary by her side only about ten minutes later. James had already started on his food by that time. She sat down a few feet away from where he was and began to pick at the food. Her mind wasn't on eating, though. It was more focused on the fact that James Potter was close by, clouding her mind with his laugh and his smile and his voice...
Lily couldn't take it anymore. Purposefully, and without really thinking, she pushed herself out of her seat, marched straight over to James, turned him around, and kissed him hard on the lips.
It took James a few moments to catch up with what exactly was happening when crazy thoughts were swimming in and out of his head every second, but he did eventually, and kissed back with the exact same enthusiasm, if not more. After all, he had been waiting for this moment for seven long years.
For those few minutes of intent kissing, the world seemed to vanish around them until it appeared to both that they were the only two left. It was only them, their lips, and how they felt for each other.
As their lips parted ways, everything seemed to reappear to them. Sirius had started a major round of catcalling for them and many students were staring at them, open-mouthed and in complete shock that Lily and James had actually kissed.
James only had eyes for Lily, though, and vice versa. James stroked Lily's cheek gently with his thumb, trying to make sure that if this was a dream it never ended.
After he seemed to make sure that this was indeed reality, he inquired, "Why me?"
And when Lily in fact uttered this exact same question one year later when James proposed to her, James replied with the exact answer that she gave him that day:
"Because I love you."

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