Harry Potter One-Shots

This is just a mixture of all the Harry Potter moments I've realized could be made into a story, plus some of the stories that I feel should have been shared, but weren't by the queen of Harry Potter, J.K. Rowling. There is no specific sequence in the way they are posted. All characters in this are J.K. Rowling's and I do not attempt to take credit for owning them. Enjoy!

WARNING: Some of these are sad and emotional. Sorry, my mind's a bit morbid sometimes.

Chapter 2

What Happens In Grimmauld Place, Stays in Grimmauld Place

It's Harry's fifth year at Hogwarts and there's a lot of drama going on in school, but that's nothing compared to what's going on in Grimmauld Place between a certain werewolf and Metamophagus...

Number Twelve, Grimmauld Place was possibly the worst house in existance. Not only for the fact that it was formerly the house of pure-blooded, mentally insane fools, but also because of the disgusting infestations it beheld. It was too much for a werewolf and an escapee from Azkaban to handle on their own. They needed back-up. That's why both, Lupin and Sirius, were absolutely overjoyed when their fellow Order member, Tonks, showed up.
Tonks knocked on the front door gently, her heart thumping a little more than usual against her chest. The prospect of seeing Lupin, whom she had been secretely admiring since he first enlisted her into the Order of the Phoenix, was a bit more excitement than it had felt in a long time, and that is saying a lot coming from an Auror.
Shrieks were heard from inside of the house. Tonks could only hear the muffled version, but Lupin and Sirius got the full blast on the other side of the door.
"Vermin, half-breeds, and blood-traitors! All tainting the noble House of Black!" bellowed Mrs. Black's portrait from the hall.
"Shut up!" Sirius yelled back to it, pointing his wand at the drapings that were formerly covering it so that they silenced her once more.
He had had a rough day. So far, he'd encountered at least five groups of doxies and three boggarts, which all turned themself into the corpse of his godson, Harry. Thankfully, he had Lupin with him to help him most of the time. This did come with a price, though. Sirius had had to endure nearly three hours of "Tonks and I talked about..." or "Tonks and I did..." or the common "Tonks is so great, she..."
Sirius knew that Lupin had feelings for Tonks, perhaps more feelings than he led on, but there was a fine line between liking someone and being in love with someone, which might have been where Lupin and Tonks' relationship was heading.
Lupin, however, was in blissful ignorance about himself wanting any relationship from Tonks other than friendship. He'll admit that when they first met, he was quite attracted to her short, bubble-gum pink hair and cute Metamorphagus ability, but that didn't mean that he liked her now. Not to mention, he couldn't be with her even if he did have feelings for her. A werewolf could never find love. They're too dangerous to even consider love, right?
As Sirius desperately tried to shut up the rest of the portraits awoken by Mrs. Black's cries, Lupin went to the door. Tonks smiled the moment she saw Lupin, as did he when he saw her. Just as she was about to throw her arms around his neck in a more-than-friendly embrace, Sirius showed up next to him instead and sighed from relief.
"Tonks, thank God you're here! I thought that all of the damn creatures in this house were going to kill us!" he exclaimed.
And now Moony can stop constantly talking about you, he added in his thoughts.
"Seems like I showed up just in time then. Where do you two want me to start?" Tonks chuckled.
Suddenly, an idea occurred to Sirius; An idea so brilliantly obvious, he could not believe it took him until now to work out. He grinned widely and spoke before Lupin got the option to.
"How about I take care of the rest of the drawing room and you two get started in the bedrooms?"
Lupin's reaction of his face turning a shade of red the Weasley's would have been proud of would have been a good enough response for Sirius, but it was Tonks' willingness that really made it hard for him to stifle his bark of laughter dying to be released.
"Alright. We'll go up there now. C'mon Rem," Tonks said, smiling. Lupin swallowed hard and nodded, following behind her. The moment they were gone, Sirius nearly fell to the ground laughing.
Now at the third floor landing, Tonks and Lupin entered a bedroom that had formerly been occupied by Fred and George, so both were sure that the twins had left behind some sort of disgust from making their products. They submitted themselves to searching underneath the two beds that were in the room.
Nearly half an hour passed by with only a few friendly words spoken between the two. Tonks was too nervous to really get a good enough conversation going and Lupin's emotions for Tonks were finally catching up with him, making him incapable of proper words. However, after a few more minutes silence, he decided that the tension between them was too much.
"How are you doing over there, Nymphadora?" Lupin questioned, feeling around for any sign of unwanted creatures. He mentally slapped himself as Tonks rounded on him, glaring.
He had been so preoccupied with settling down his rapid thoughts of Tonks that he forgot to never call her by her first name. And now, here was the outcome of his foolishness: The same girl he'd been cleaning with for half an hour, only with a different look.
Tonks had decided to make herself look a bit more intimidating, and so as to make sure Lupin wouldn't call her Nymphadora again, she'd changed her hair on command to a red that closely resembled fire and changed her eyes to a both clashing and dangerous gold, all in the course of a second.
"What did you just call me, Remus?" she demanded playfully. Though, if Lupin could sense the playfulness in her voice, he did not show it. He was sheepishly looking at the ground, preparing for the wrath of Nymphadora Tonks. She snickered at the sight of this.
"Relax, Remus. I won't do any harm to you...Unless you call me Nymphadora again." Tonks smiled mischeviously.
Lupin returned this smile when he met her gaze, at first tensely, trying to sense whether this was just a trap to lull him into false security, but it changed to warm when he saw her hair change it's shade back to pink and her eyes back to their normal green. It was then that he tilted his head slightly to the right and gave her an inquiring look. She returned this look with confusion.
"What is it?" Tonks asked.
"Huh? Oh, nothing," Lupin answered quickly, turning himself back to the parts of the room he had already checked twice now.
"You aren't getting off that easily, Remus. Why were you staring at me like that?" she pressed, a thin eyebrow lifted in wonder. Sighing, he faced her once more.
"Well, I was just wondering what you actually look like. You know, without your Metamorphagus abilities coming into play," Lupin informed her.
"What does that have to do with anything?"
Lupin shrugged. "I was just curious. I mean, I'm sure it'd be a sight to see."
"Yeah, me looking normal," Tonks joined in on the joke with a small laugh of her own.
"So would you show me?"
For the first time since Lupin had met her, Tonks actually looked visibly nervous. She had faced enough Death Eaters, criminals, and dementors to make any person's fears benign, yet she got nervous over being asked to show her true self.
What is wrong with me? she asked herself desperately.
Lupin still had that expectant look on his face. It was hard to refuse him the deeper she looked into those chocolate brown eyes. Finally, she threw her hands up in defeat.
"If you laugh at me, I swear I'll never speak to you again," she warned him. He nodded eagerly and she sighed.
Slowly, her features began to transform once more, bringing with it, a whole new vision of Tonks that Lupin had never expected to see.
Her hair was a light brown and fell in thick waves to her shoulders. Her eyes were like two sapphires of pure blue, shining brightly against her fair skin. Her nose was longer than her usual one and her lips were thinner, yet she still looked fairly pretty.
"Well?" she inquired, nervously and unconsciously rubbing her arm.
Lupin didn't respond, but instead, settled himself on the floor and leaned against one of the beds, taking in Tonks' unusual, yet highly beautiful appearance. He knew he was probably gazing far longer than he wished to be, but he honestly couldn't help it. It was like he was seeing her for the first time in ages. He snapped back to his senses when Tonks said his name.
"Remus?" Her face was filled with anticipation as she awaited Lupin's answer.
"Tonks, you look...wonderful," he finally replied. He was surprised to hear how weak his own voice sounded in comparison to how it was before. It was like Tonks' new appearance had stolen his ability to speak momentarily.
Tonks felt herself blush scarlet and changed herself back to her usual appearance once more. Lupin was still in the wonderful daze that she had left him in.
"I've never shown anyone that before," commented Tonks, now positioning herself sitting down beside Lupin. She leaned her head against his shoulder and added, "Thank you for not laughing."
A smile tugged at the corners of Lupin's mouth. "How could I?" he murmured. "You looked absolutely stunning."
Tonks was surprised to hear the wholehearted honesty in his voice, but she was positive she was only imagining it and retorted, "That's a funny joke, Rem."
As she turned her head away to examine the index finger she so absently was picking it, Lupin gently, and quite spontaneously in Tonks' opinion (not that she was complaining), cupped her face in his hand. She turned back to him, startled to see how close their faces were. Mere inches of easily penetrable air seperated their lips.
"You're beautiful, Tonks," Lupin whispered, his words lingering in Tonks' ears and sending shivers down her spine. He had no idea how long she had desired to hear those words from him.
Lupin did not know what possessed him to do it. It could have been the sheer honesty of his words, the true beauty of Tonks finally making him snap, his feelings for her all deciding to rush in at once, or -- and most likely -- all of the aforementioned. Irrationally, as he would later describe it, he broke the space between them, causing their lips to crush together with powerful momentum and, at the same time, a sweet and wonderful sensation.
Her lips against his felt like two soft rose petals. She tasted of strawberries and strong mint, a rather strange, yet enjoyable taste. Her right hand traveled against his chest and up to the back of his neck, pulling him deeper into the kiss. It could have been minutes, hours, or even days that they sat there, just kissing and enjoying the silence.
It felt, to Tonks, that she had been meant to be in this position her entire life. Their lips together just felt so right, so natural. It was one of those rare, indescribable moments in life that happened maybe once or twice.
They both could have sat there for the rest of the day doing only this...and that's exactly what they did. Ignoring most of their responsibilities, they kissed in Fred and George's former room, Harry and Ron's old room, Hermione and Ginny's old room, and at the front door, just before Tonks had to make her exit. Sirius had occupied himself in the attic with Buckbeak for the time being. Knowing that she didn't have long to act on what had been bothering her in her thoughts since their first kiss shared, she decided to work on nerve.
"Remus," she said breathlessly, pulling away from him. He looked at her inquiringly, their foreheads pressed together and his thumb gently carressing her cheek. "What happens now?"
Lupin thought for a moment. He hadn't gotten this far in his daily planning. In fact, none of what had happened today was in his daily plannings. This was all completely unexpected.
"I guess we just take it one day at a time," he stated slowly.
Tonks nodded. "Alright," she agreed. "And, well, should we tell anyone about this?"
Another pregnant pause filled the room. Lupin eventually sighed in defeat and shrugged. "That's up to you. I mean, I'm the monster here--" Tonks shuddered at the word, for it was the exact opposite of what she thought of him "-- What do you think?"
"I think that whatever happens in Grimmauld Place, should stay in Grimmauld Place for the time being. Not because I think that you're a monster," Tonks reassured him, "But because I don't think I could deal with the smug look on Sirius' face if he found out about us." Lupin returned the smile she was giving him and kissed her once more, showing his approval of the idea.
Neither exactly knew what they had ended up getting themselves into. Neither knew that their simple day of kissing would eventually turn into the emotional toll that would lead to a wedding and a wonderful son together. Neither knew exactly what would come of this unpredictable and unethical relationship of Metamorphagus and werewolf, but the fact of the matter was, neither really cared. All that they cared about was that feeling inside of themselves that the other gave them. The warm, fuzzy kind of feeling that only that one, extremely special person in your life could give to you. And with that, they carried on with their unordinary, irrational, and, above all, beautiful relationship that, soon, both would come to describe as only one thing.

A/N: In case you guys haven't noticed, there is a strong pattern going between the last two stories. Love. I think I need a new direction for a story or two. Not to mention, I'm running out of ideas. Please leave your desires for me to write about in the comments. I'll consider them, pick the ones I like, and then get to work. Thank you for reading! ~Kristynlynn.

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