Winners Of The 2011 Quibblo Awards!! :D

Haha! Sorry it took me so long, I've been busy!!
NOTE: Nicki Minaj won bcuz some ppl I know that don't have a quibblo (Desiree, Marcell, Angel, Sky, Mitchie, Lindsay, and others voted for Nicki!!) is that explanation enough for ppl that are wonderin??

Chapter 1


Best Female Artist- Nicki Minaj

Song Of The Year- Dirty Diana

Cutest Boy Group Of 2011- Mindless Behavior

Best Male Artists- MJ and Chris Brown

Best Musical Collaboration- Nicki Minaj and Drake/ Beyonce' and Lady Gaga

Best New Song- Party Rock Anthem

Quibblo's Most Talented Story Writers- Bre and Sandi

Best New MJ Love Story- You've Been Struck By.... A Smooth Criminal!

Biggest MJ Fan: All of Them!!


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