into the black abyss

~ok so im writing a new story.
~comment tell me what yal think
~it will involve lycans, and death walkers
~1st few chapters will be in a diary kinda entry
~has abuse in it


Chapter 1

january 5th, 2010

by: burr
my names amber but my friends call me blood, 4 what reason im not sure. my 18th birthday is coming up soon. in exactly two days 3 hours and 29 minutes i will as my mother explains, experiance a change. a change she said thats going to change my life. she wouldnt say much more about it sooooo im not sure exactly what she is talkin about. my father walked into the kitchen this morning and ran his fingers through my long black hair.............this worries me becausse when he does this it more than likely means that hes going to hit or slap me, pull my hair or just bruise me. . . . when my father pulled out of the driveway me & my mother were standing at the door....thats when she turned to me and said everythings going to change not really sure why she lets him beat me, or why she looks at me like im expected for greater things. this life is all im going to know.

~january 6th~
i have 1 day left untill my birthday. im starting to feel funny. not a funny hahaha , just a strange funny. i woke up this morning and i was im normally about 5"3 this morning i woke up i was 5"5 . not a big diffrence i know but thats 2 inches overnight. im freaking out. . . my dad beat me last blue eyes are black no amount of make-up can hide what he did. i have bruises all over my slender friends were horrified.....they all know the truth but none of them brings it teachers are ready made excuse has been used before......this new boy showed up today, his name is damion i believe.....hes in all of my classes . everytime i look his way i catch him staring at me.

~damions p.o.v~
i let the deer drop to the ground as i changed and ran towards her house . it was almost time. theres not much longer now. from the way she looked today i think her parents beat her. im not sure if its her mom or her dad or both....but her baby blue eyes were black today & her sweater kept coming up and i could see bruises that looked like hand prints were someone had grabbed her .... hard really hard. im standing outside her house now , my black clothes and shaggy black hair keeps me from being noticed . i see her at a desk in what i suspecct is her room writing in some sort of diary. i wonder if she knows what is going to happen at midnight.

so should i keep going? what do yal think?

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