The Awesomest Quibblo Contest EVER! :D

Read if you're interested! :)

Chapter 1

Ok, I'm Making a Contest, Guys!!! :D

by: Shine_on
I've seen a lot of contests on Quibblo. story writing contests, profile contests...
So I thought to myself, why not combine all of them to make a really huge contest?
So that's what I'm doing, fellow Quibblonians. It will be a contest to end all contests! :D

So here are the rules, if you feel like doing it:

1. If you want to participate, you must MESSAGE ME with your name, saying you would like to participate. If you comment, but don't message me, you will not be allowed to join in.

2. This will be a contest with eliminations. So, that means that each week, someone will be eliminated. The last person standing will win. The next two runner-ups will get a special mention.

3. I haven't figured out good prizes yet. (message me with ideas? :3)

4. The contest will include profile, story-writing, best profile picture, and other events.

5. You must message me by Friday, November 18 to be guaranteed a spot in the contest. If you message me any later than that, you will not be allowed to participate.

6. The contest will last 8 weeks, 1-3 contests per week.

7. The first event will start Monday, November 21st.

So, if you want to participate, *MESSAGE ME.* If you have questions, though, you can leave a comment :) But you still have to message me to get a place in the competition.
Ok, bye! :3


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