The Only Thing That Mattered To Me ~A Fred Weasley Love Story~

The Only Thing That Mattered To Me ~A Fred Weasley Love Story~

~Just in case your confused, the whole story is a flashback~
The main character is me, she is 20 at the end of the book. Her name is Holly, her last name won't be referred to much unless we are at Hogwarts, but it is McFarlane (Mick-Far-Lynn). She has brown hair and brown eyes and tan skin. Holly loves The Beatles, KISS and is a Star Wars nut (like me). She lived with the Weasley's after her father passed away, and her mother is a Death Eater, who is serving time in Azkaban (unlike me). Enjoy!

Chapter 1

The Beginning of the End

~1997, Battle of Hogwarts~
I shot one last curse at that stupid Death Eater and he finally dropped. I let out a whoop of joy. Then I felt a hand on my shoulder, and George said "Holl, come with me, it's Fred." "What about Fred?" I demanded. I never saw George look so serious in all my years of our friendship. "Holly, he's dying," George's voice was laced with a large amount of sadness. "NO!!" I screamed. But I can't tell you that story. That's the end of our story. You must know the beginning.
~1992- 5th year, Hogwarts~
Ever since first year, the Weasleys to me to King's Cross. Dad became very sick and was unable to take me. When became good friends with Fred and George, the Weasley's offered to take me until he was well again. We ran through to platform 9 3/4. I stood with Fred and George, planning a list of pranks we had to pull this year. I said something off topic and wondered aloud "Where are Harry and Ron?" Fred stopped talking about turning Draco Malfoy's slik, greasy hair blue and pink for a moment. "Who knows? They could be anywhere, I suppose." The train pulled up and let out and a sigh of smoke. Malfoy's hair became the sole topic of dicussion again, and I added "The git's hair is as greasy Snape's! It was ment to be that nothing could be as greasy as that!" George snorted. "Yeah, the Scale of Greasiness goes like this: Greasy, Greasier, and Snape." We chose a compartment, away from the Prefects, just in case. The trolley came by, and the lady said "Anything off the trolley, dears?" I smiled, and said "I'll have three chocolate frogs, please." I paid, and we ate our frogs. "Holl, I have a question," Fred said, with chocolate all over his face. "A.) I'll answer your question, B.) you have chocolate all over your face, you piggy!" I replied, eating the last bits of my frog. "How come you aren't as nice to me as you are to the trolley cart lady?" Fred asked, as he whiped the chocolate of his mouth on the back of his sleeve. "You annoy me. I'm only nice to the elderly," I answered. We looked at the cards that came with the frogs, and I yelled "Omygod. I got that one I needed!" George looked surprised, because I've needed the same one for at least a year. "Seriously?" I nodded, excited. "Yeah, seriously. I got my tenth Dumbledore!" Fred rolled his eyes. ''That's the worse joke ever." I was about to reply back with some type of smartass comment, but then I heard a noise outside the window. "What the hell? I thought I heard- Doesn't that sound like your dad's flying muggle car?'' "Yeah, it does, doesn't it?'' George said. "The train stopped, and all the Hogwarts students filed off the train. "Ah, it's lovely to be back!" I exclaimed, and then I laughed as the giant squid scared the first years. First, we went to our dorms to put our stuff away, and we got ready for the feast. I greeted the Gryfinndor girls in my year that didn't annoy me, and walked down to the common room. I was just going to go the Great Hall when I heard a voice yell after me "OY! HOLLY! I need to talk to you!" I rolled my eyes. I turned around and walked over to Fred. "Make it quick, I'm starving," I said. "Oh, Holly, always thinking with your stomach," He said. "This is important." "Okay, spit it out then," I replied, getting slighty annoyed as my stomach growled. "Fine- Holly, will you go out with me?" I looked up and laughed, I could totally tell he liked me. "Yeah, I will." And the truth was, I kind of liked him. But we both knew I was better at hiding it. He tentatively held out his hand "Let's go." I smiled and grabbed it. "Let's." George saw us walk in and we sat down by him. "What is up with you two?" He said, looking at us. I started digging into my food and said with my mouth full "Oh, didn't you hear? We're a thing now." He looked surprised for a moment, then said to Fred "Charming girlfriend." I swallowed and said "Oh, shut your gob. I've even heard you TELL people you want a chance at me." He replied "Shhhhh.... it's a secret," I rolled my eyes, and looked around the table. Only Hermione was next to me. "Erm, where's Ron and Harry? I don't remember seeing them get on the train," I said, still making sure I didn't miss a person at the table. "They didn't," Hermione said. I kind of shrugged, because I figured they'd show up sometime, but still, it wasn't like him. Ron would LOVE this food, and Harry... it just isn't like him to be late fo the Feast. I finished my food, and after the Sorting Cerimony, I left. Fred got up and trailed behind me, follwed by George, who yelled "STOP!" We turned around, and he had a grin on his face. He held up a small bomb, and said "How bout we have some beginning of the year fun?" I raised my eyebrow, and said "What type?" His grin turned into a full-flegged smile, and he replied "Malfoy fun." "Count us in," Fred answered. "Holly, care to do the honors?" George handed me the bomb, and I said "Would be my pleasure." I pulled the pin out of the bomb and chucked it where Malfoy would walk in aproximatley 10 seconds, and it exploded, leaving him with blue and pink hair as an after effect. We broke into a run for the Gryfinndor dorms as soon after the explosion as we could. When we reached the Fat Lady, we high fived. "Nicely done, if I do say so myself," I commented. George muttered a password, and the Fat Lady let us in. I bid them goodnight, and walked up to my dorm. Laying on my bed, with my hands behind my head, I decided that this was going to be a intresting year. Especially if Fred and I last.

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