Please read. Someone died.

I can't even comprehend it...

Chapter 1

Oh, God...

I don't even know how I'm capable of typing this out right now. My face is blank, my hands are shaking, I'm freezing cold and I feel numb. I can't even cry. Devastated doesn't begin to cover how upset I am.
Before I tell you who died... I logged into their profile and went through their messages, just deleting and stuff.
Yuna, yesterday, was hit by a sky train. If you want the details, be an ass and message me. I wish so bad that I was dreaming. I feel like I'm dreaming but I know I'm not. I literally feel like a piece of my soul has been ripped away, and like a black hole has taken place in my heart. I know it's cheesy I'm sorry......
I just don't even think I'm capable of living anymore.
Rest in peace, Yuna. Here come the tears, here come the fears.....


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