Alpha Love (A werewolf love story)

By: Raised_By_Wolves, CrazyWriterGeek, musicismysoul8 and of course my self. If you want to help with the story please message me!

Chapter 1

To be or not to be in love.

His strong arms held me tight, I laid unconscious but I still knew what happened. We were under attack, our defenses were weak. I've been put on defense, I am the youngest out of the group. I'm only 20 years of age. We were doing pretty good, the Alpha whose name is Jake was helping most of the time. Then, I got bit by one of the attackers. I fell to the ground, there I lay.

Jake found me, and well now he was rushing me over to the medicine women. The medicine woman were like the doctors for our kind. They found new medicine to cure us nearly everyday. Every job we were assigned were really important, but the medicine women were the most important. Anyway, I was in and out of conscious. His arm grabbed me tighter and tighter as I was in and out. I could feel his heart beat harder as I mumbled.

"Hang with me kid, we're almost there!" Jake said.

Kid, that's all he called me. But he called me by my real name, Juliana, when he was serious. We arrived at the cavern, where the medicine women always worked at. There were many wounded wolves. I could tell because I could hear the commotion.

Jake laid me down on a blanket and told one of the medicine women I was in critical condition. He also said that to heal me fast he needed all the help he could get. I felt the woman giving me an injection. It didn't hurt but my veins were burning. I was out for a couple of minutes after the injection, then I woke up.

My eyesight was blurry, all I could see was a faint sighting of the woman who took care of me. She had blonde hair and blue eyes. She had a pretty smile. She kind of looked like my mother before she passed.

"Shh!" She whispered "Everything's ok try not to move so much."

I tried to talk but words wouldn't come out. So I laid there for a few more seconds.

"Thanks for taking care of me." I finally manged to say.
"You're welcome. You were pretty brave to fight out there." She said.
"Oh well I did what I had to do." I respond.
"I'm Eve." The woman said.
"I'm Juliana." I said.

Then, Jake came in to check on me. I forgot he was shirtless. He was exposing his very sexy abs. Wait what was I thinking? I'm not suppose to fall for the alpha. It's against the ancient rules. The alpha is suppose to fall for a strong, powerful woman. I tried to get that off my mind.

"Hey Juliana. Are you feeling better?" Jake asked.
"Yeah, I guess. I'm not feeling any pain anymore." I said.
"Good." He smiled.

Jake he's an amazing alpha. But not because he's hot, he looks after the people. If we growl or snarl or even bark at him, he won't get mad. He'll just ask if you're ok. When, you're hurt he'll make sure you'll get the best treatment. He's just amazing.

Then, a howl was heard from the distance, I thought someone else was hurt. Then, cheers started getting closer. We won. Jake smiled and went to see the others.

"Do you like Jake?" Eve asked.
"How did you-"
"I can tell things like that." Eve said.
"Oh." I said.

I think I blushed after she said that.

"It doesn't matter what the rules say. We've broken many rules. Women aren't allowed out in battle, male wolves aren't suppose to have contact with women unless it's mating season. We've broken many rules in the past, even now. So don't listen to the rules. Listen to your heart." Eve said.

"Thanks Eve." I said.
"You're welcome Juliana." Eve said.

I heard Jake laughing and cheering on the victory. I smiled we have officially won.

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