idk venting the best way i know how

Chapter 1

. . . . .. .

by: burr
bruised & blackened
i feel as if no1 notices me
it hurts just like yal couldnt believe
i was thrown away like trash
and torn apart piece by piece

tears roll down my cheeks
faster & faster
i roll my sleeve up
i watch as the red ooze runs down
i sigh , wishing things were diffrent
and that i could believe things would be the same
but i come back to reality
and realize
things will never be the same
everything is broken & tore apart
my heart hurts
as broken as it is
its not made of stone
i am just human
i hurt.....
like none of you can believe

i feel as if no1 notices the real me.
i walk on past with a smile
act as if nothings wrong
thats my motto
crying and hurt
i feel as if everythings wrong
i hate my life.....just like you cant believe
i hurt everyday & none of you see.

you see my life....
is not everything it seems
i cry myself to sleep
and dream the most horrible dreams
i just want to be noticed.
i hate my life.
but no1 sees the true real life me.

~sorry guys i know its depressing but wth i just needed to do something. ~


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