Filthy Mudblood Witch

This will take place in the modern day and there is no Voldemort/Death Eaters. This is a DRACO LOVE STORY and takes place during 7th yr.

Rated: Mature for abusive situations

Chapter 1

Hogwart's Express. Sht Happens.

It was bustling on platform nine and three quarters with families saying farewell to their kids. I weaved my way through the crowd lugging my trunk and things, boarding the train. I sighed feeling safe and relieved. It had been a far too long summer with my twisted family. Thankfully my Aunt Vivian had saved me on my birthday, from the usual persecution and ostracism I was put through every time I was at home. I had escaped to her house for some of the summer and we celebrated me being a witch of age. I was now free to do magic as I pleased and no longer had the trace. Even though I enjoyed every moment with her I was sad too. She was going to be leaving to travel the world. Her house was up for sale, she sold everything except her clothes and necessities and after I left, her travels would begin. Eventually I had to go home and said my goodbyes. When I got home I was desperate for the school year to start. Being a Muggle-born witch in the wizarding world full of prejudice pureblood students to deal with was hard. Being a Muggle-born witch with a family that also persecutes you, was worse. Dad had a brother who was a wizard, Muggle-born too. Dad was never accepting of the wizarding world so their relationship was nothing but fighting and arguing, lots of hate. My dad was so against the wizarding world that when I was revealed to be a witch, he nearly disowned me. Mom wouldn't allow to lose a daughter but that didn't mean everything was peachy between us. No...I was the central blame to all the problems we went through, especially when it involved Dad. It was always my fault, because I was a witch, everything went wrong for us. It was my fault he was stressed, my fault he was sick, my fault they were fighting, my fault he lost his job, my fault he cheated. I came from a sick and twisted family. One that use to be a happy, tight family that consisted of love and togetherness. We were poor but was still happy, despite struggling. When I started showing magical abilities, that's when everything began to change. I was punished for unnatural things happening. Punished for being magical. When I was accepted at Hogwarts thus revealing me as a witch, that's when it all completely changed. Dad stopped looking at me as his daughter. I was something disgusting and foreign. Mom never protected me from the harsh treatments. She would never do anything that went against him, aside from keeping me. The only thing she ever did that was best for me was letting me go to Uncle Thomas and Aunt Vivian's to stay with them 'til I started school. They assured me that the time away would help things go back, and let Dad cool off. They were completely wrong. Me going to Hogwarts just made it worse to the point that even Mom couldn't deal with it. She gave up protecting me from the mistreatment. My siblings were pulled into it, treating me with spite and contempt. My brothers and sister that use to protect me...that I looked up to...had become my tormentors. I was abused physically and mentally by my family on holidays but not once did I ever mention it. At school I lied about my family. I painted the picture perfect family that spoiled me and was proud of what I was. A family that loved me too much to the point it got annoying and embarrassing. I always felt guilty about lying to my friends but I didn't want anyone to know. I didn't want anyone to think I was weak. I only had this last year to keep up my lies and then I'll be forever stuck with my secrets.

"Hey Bonbon Von." I looked to see my best friend, Apollo. He was a half-blood who lived near me. We pretty much grew up together and he was the only one well aware of my home life, at least the gist of it. He was a Hufflepuff and completely handsome though our relationship was that of siblings. Besides, he had a thing for Luna. "Well hello Greek god," I teased as he sat down across from me. "Thy maiden is looking fairer each time I see her. You was at Vivian's," he asked. "For a limited time. Then back home for the rest of the summer. Nice tan by the way," I complimented. "How was Hawaii?" "It was paradise," he sighed happily. "Exotic fruits. Delicious food. Tropical breeze. Beautiful beaches. And lots of smoking ho-" The door opened to reveal Luna. "Hottie," Apollo finished staring at her. I smirked giggling then greeted her. "Hello Apollo. Hello Bonbon Von," she greeted. "Loony Luna," I exclaimed jumping up and hugging her then sat down. "I'll help you with that," Apollo said grabbing her trunk and tucking it up in the rack for her. "Thank you," she smiled, sitting down. He stared at her dazed, with a goofy grin. "You're welcome," he sighed dreamily making me giggle. "I noticed you got the biggest compartment," Luna said as I nodded. "Lucky that most of us are seventh years. We get the bigger compartments." The door opened again and Neville looked in. "Daredevil Neville," I called and he laughed. "Hello Lila. Luna. Apollo," he greeted with a nod coming in. The train began to move and soon the others began making their way in and we all sat grouped around a table talking about our summer. "How was your summer Lila," Hermione asked and they all looked at me. "Same old. Visited my aunt. Read a bunch of books and whatnots." "Sounds boring," Ron said and we all laughed except Hermione who whacked him. "It really was dull. I was counting down the days 'til school started." They laughed and moved on to Apollo who described his entire trip in details as I pulled out my journal and began writing in it.

The lunch trolley came and everyone began ordering things. "Want something milady," Apollo asked and I shook my head, sighing. "No money." "On me then," he grinned and I smiled grateful. "Thanks," I said as he handed me some candy and things. "No worries," he waved then began offering Luna some. I smiled watching all of my friends socializing with one another. Apollo and Luna were talking about the Quibbler. Neville and Ron were playing wizards chess, Hermione trying to help Neville while Harry and Ginny were whispering to one another. I was so happy to be here with them. My friends who were the closest thing I had to a family now. To think this would be the last year we all ride on the train together, it was a depressing thought. I got up excusing myself to the bathroom and left.

I finished up washing my hands and walked out into the hall bumping into someone. "Watch it you clumsy git!" I slightly frowned recognizing the voice and faced the white blonde hair, grey eyed boy. "Well isn't it the Mudblood Von," he smirked. Draco Malfoy. Ignorant, Arrogant, Cocky, Manipulative, Sadistic, bully in my year. He was a Slytherin, rich and popular with many girls but mostly stuck within the Slytherin house. Pureblood girls is what he liked, but sometimes there were half-bloods that were "worthy" of him. He has tormented me since we started going to Hogwarts. I tend to be his easiest target since I put up with his crap and completely try to avoid confrontation. I hate fighting and would rather talk it out but things usually got out of hand and when they get there, I quietly take it. "Oh. Hello Malfoy," I greeted politely with a smile. "That's Lord Malfoy to you," he snapped and I nodded. He always made things harder for me, and calling him Lord Malfoy was one of them. No matter how ridiculous and humiliating his games were, I always played along. "Sorry. Hello Lord Malfoy," I corrected with a slight bow. He snickered and I looked at him with a smile, unfazed. I was hoping one day to kill him with kindness but that never seemed to work, sadly. "You're such a freak!" "Thank you," I nodded. "I see you're not wearing the rags you usually wear. Come into a nice sum of money," he mocked and I looked myself over. Aunt Vivian had taken me on a shopping spree for my birthday. She bought me new stylish clothes to last the entire school year. "No. My Aunt spoiled me for my birthday," I replied. "Oh is that right," he smirked and I nodded. "I bet it must've cost a lot of money." "Yes. It did," I agreed. "It would be a shame to get them ruined," he said looking at my clothes. "It would be." "Too bad sht happens," he smirked staring at me. "Excuse me," I asked puzzled and gasped feeling thick, sticky gunk that was black, on me sliding down my head to my shoulders and down my body. There were howls of jeering from behind me and something yellow and white began snowing down on me and around me. I realized it was feathers and the black gunk was molasses. I stared at Malfoy blinking as he laughed hysterically. I took a deep breath and walked passed him as I heard Pansy Parkinson, his main girl, jeering the loudest. People were looking out and shook their heads as I passed. "Von are you ok," many asked and I smiled nodding, assuring that everything was alright and not to worry. They all looked at me with the greatest sympathy then returned into their compartments.

I made it to mine and opened the door were they were all laughing, watching Ron and Hermione's entertaining rows. "Oh is that right Won-won," Hermione snapped sarcastically, hands on her hips as he scowled at the name. Luna looked up at me then gasped loudly getting up. "Lila?!" The two stopped arguing and everyone looked as Luna ran over to me. "What happened," Apollo exclaimed following Luna to me. "Why are you covered in molasses and feathers?!" "It's nothing. Can you guys help me please," I asked, Hermione and Ginny getting up. "It was Malfoy again wasn't it," Apollo said angrily as I stared at him, Harry and Ron getting up. "I'm going to kill that bastard," he growled pulling the door open. "No. Please Apollo don't. I'm fine honestly," I nodded eagerly and smiled. He stared at me and shook his head punching the wall. "It's alright. I'm fine. So please don't worry or fight over me." "Come on Lila. Let's get you cleaned up," Ginny said leading me out of the compartment. "Promise Apollo." I stopped before they closed the door. "Promise you'll stay in the compartment." He looked at me angrily then sighed, glaring out the window. "I promise," he muttered and I smiled closing the door and followed the three girls to the bathroom.

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