Crossed Fate (A Hogwarts Love Story)

This is a hogwarts love story written by me and Caroline (blondwithspice).

Chapter 1

i suck at chapter titles so i'm gonna ask a question and i want everyone, the readers and you caroline to answer it.

“Sweetheart........... Darling.......... Kerri.... It’s time to wake up. Today is the day that we go shopping for you things, and tomorrow you’ll head off for your first year at Hogwarts.”

That woke me; I shot out of bed bouncing on the balls of my feet. “When can we go?”

“Right after breakfast dear.” my mother said.

In the next room over I heard pounding and yells. I just flinch, but I knew it was coming. It happens every day. I head over to my full length mirror and I look at myself. The mini me of my mother, as some people tell me; waist length wavy black hair (though my mothers is cut short), bright blue eyes, full red lips, and curvy in all the right places. My mother walks over and moves my bangs out of my eyes.

“You have beautiful eyes, let them show.”

She then turns and walks out of my room. I sigh and push my bangs back in front of my right eye. I stared at myself for a little longer before walking over to my silver, silk curtains and throwing them open to reveal the glass doors leading onto my balcony. I looked around my room in disgust; green walls with silver trimming and black snakes, green bed sheets and silver pillowcases. I despise the color green, but whenever I bring up the topic of a color change and a room makeover my mother says, “A Slytherin room for a perfect Slytherin daughter.” There in that sentence lies my flaw: perfect daughter. I do what my mom and step-dad wants me to do to be that perfect angel. She expects me to be in Slytherin so I’ll probably be a Slytherin. But instead of being the snobby, I’m better than you kind; I’ll actually show people that not all Slytherins are lying back-stabbers.

Will I fail? Of course I wouldn’t be human if I didn’t.

Will I make fun of people I hate? Um... duh! I’m not going to let my enemies walk all over me.

A knock on my door brought me back to reality.

“Kerri you up?”

“Yes mother.”

“Good, then get ready for the day. O.K.”

“Yes mother.”

I went to my closet, opened the door and then walked in. I literally ran past the green shirts. I finally decided on a long sleeve whit shirt and black skinny jeans. I opened my bedroom door and ran into Aden. My breath was knocked out. When it returned I said, “Sorry Aden.”

Aden is my twin sister though she looks nothing like me, with her long honey colored hair, light grey eyes, and no real curves.

I think that’s why my mother and step-dad hate her so much, because she looks exactly like my real dad. The reason for my mom to hate him is unknown.

I’m the only person in this house that is nice to her, besides the house elves. I turn and head towards the bathroom. When I’m done taking a shower, blow drying my hair, and combing it all; I walk downstairs getting ready for an awesome day of Hogwarts shopping.

Your turn!!! XD
and the questions will start next time the chapter comes to me or unless caroline decides to do it shrugs i guess you'll have to find out.

Brie ;)

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