A Broken Heart Mends with Sasuke

A Broken Heart Mends with Sasuke

A story about Lyna Rin and Uchiha Sasuke

Chapter 1

Dedicated to Jay Shadow

It all started with a single word....

"Do you want power?"- you could still hear those words in your head. Your answer was "Yes.", and you truly wanted power but you have never thought of what would really happen. The world has had given to you only pain and now all you wanted was a revenge. Exactly for this now you were here and he was right in front of you. His snake eyes were watching at you as you were his new christmas present, that's what you hated the most. You have hated him from the time you saw him but you needed to become stronger so there were no other way...
Years passed by and you have grown. You were strong enough but there was one "little" problem - Uchiha Sasuke. The guy that you both hated and loved. Orochimaru had never trained you both together as he didn't wanted you two to become friends so he made you enemies. He used to tell you how weak you were compared to Sasuke but you knew that he was telling the same to Sasuke.
"Open the door!" - you heard Kabuto ordering you one night.
That was it, you were furious, you knew that it was time to get it over. You opened the door hardly keeping your anger under control, only to see Kabuto smiling evily at you. You were ready to kill.. He was just about to say the same thing as ever, that you aren't strong enough to even hurt him, but he couldn't because you have had hitted him so hard in the stupid smiling face that he have crushed into the wall 10 metres away from you. You nearly smiled but you stayed calm. Kabuto was dead. "One is down, one left.." - you thought but when you reached Orochimaru's room you couldn't believe on your eyes. Orochimaru's body was laying down lifeless and everything around was in ruins. You just could't help crying. The tears were running down your cheeks but you weren't sad you were MAD. All these years spent in plans and for what??? "Uchiha" - you growled as you fell down on your knees hidng your face in your hands. "I'LL KILL YOU" - the scream re-echoed around the empty halls leaving you in darkness....
You were searching for him everywhere but he was just gone and then a great idea came to your mind. "I cannot find him..." - you thought "...but he can find me!" That's how you joined the akatsuki. You knew that Sasuke want a revenge from Itachi and at the beggining you were just waiting for Sasuke to come to Itachi but then you realised that you will hurt him more by giving away the most important thing in his life - his revenge, you were about to kill Itachi.
And the solemn day finally came. You were sent to a mission along with Itachi, that's what you were waiting for. You two were walking through some lonely place that looked as there was a great war. Everything was in ruins, it was the perfect place. "Itachi-san, I have to tell you something.." but someone interrupted you. It was HIM (not tha band :D). Uchiha Sasuke was standing right in front of you with tha same uncaring eyes. But when he looked in to Itachi everything changed. For the first time you have seen Sasuke so ... angry, full of hatred. "He is just like... me.." and then you realised what a fool you were. How couldn't you notice this earlier? He was the same as you and you were about to ruin his dream, to take away the one thing he was living for, his revenge.
You slowly backed away as you were thinking again and again because you knew that you won't have another chance. You finally decided "I'll leave him to you" - you tell to Sasuke but you were still hateing him for killing Orochimaru but you were going to take your revenge on him sooner or later but just not like that...
The fight between Uchiha started and you were watching them from behind. It was almost finished, Sasuke was about to win when suddenly a huge shield appeared in front of Itachi and Sasuke was aot of chakra you could see this in his eyes. "What is going to happen now, is Itachi going to win after all, or does Sasuke have still has some chakra left..." you were thinking when you realised that they were talking! You couldn't hear them from that distance so you came closer and closer...
"I can see that you have reached you limit" - Itachi said to Sasuke - "You are not stron enough.."
"I may die.." Sasuke replied and you just couldn' believe. Was that the Sasuke you knew, no, he was totally different now. And was that a smile on his face... "but she will live" Sasuke continued on "and now I realise that's the most important think for me. She was about to kill you, do you know that? But she didn't, because of me. She shown me that giving up doesn't aways mean that you are weak, sometimes it just means that you are stron enough to let go..." a bloody tear came on his eye "And I love her, I love Lyna Rin and love her even in my death!!!"
One bloody tear fell down on the dusty ground and another one followed her but this time it was yours. You were craying, no one was moving, only the cold autumn wind was blowing throught the suffering forest, ripping away the dried leaves from the trees.
"He ... loves... me..." you were like frozen. You couldn't move or either breath. And then Itachi made his move with his power...
The earth started shaking and an enormous rock fllew towards Itachi with a Tarja Turunen's "Oasis" song going along. The sky were now covered by dark clouds. Soon it started raining, even the gods were crying...
"Lyna..." - he whispered when he finally opened his eyes. You have brought him in your hide-out. It was very dark in here as you enjoyed staying alone in the darkness but now you have had put one candle on the table beside the bed. The bed where he was laying now...
"I....." - you just didn't know what to say, you were still so confused. And then warm lips crushed into yours. Sasuke then slowly backed away watching straight in your eyes "I'm sorry.... about everything!" - he said and kissed your forehead "I would never ever let you go.."
"I love you" - you finally replied and sank into his deep hug....

What do they think of you:
Naruto: She may be a little bit of a cold and quiet but she is nice and a lot like me, she has been alone...
Kakashi:She is very strong , but also very beautiful
Kiba: She is so HOT
Shino:Why does no one notice me ... :(
Neji:Damn this Uchiha boy, her destiny was to be with me...
Lee:She is cool, I heard she had defeated Itachi so I'll train hard to beat her!
Gai:No youth, only darkness
Shikamaru:She is very smart and beautiful, man, it's so troublesome
Choji:She doesn't call me fat. I like her
Asuma:She and the Uchiha boy seem perfect together
Orochimaru:I'll use her body, that's for sure (but all in a sudden he dies :D)
Kabuto:Such a sexy chick, I don't know why does she hate me so much o_O
Deidara:She doesn't care abot my art, can you imagine this???
Hidan:Jashin would be happy to have her as a sacrifice (evil laugh)
Kisame:I don't like the way she is looking at my sword
Kakuzu:She doesn't care about money and I don't care about her, she is strong though
Nagato:She understands my pain and she is powerful, I respect her very much
Sasori:She is very beautiful, she will make a great puppet ;D but she seems to hate puppets and I don't know why
Itachi:I'm happy about my little brother and I respect Lyna, she taught him a lesson that I couldn't...(you didn't kill him since he's a vampire ;)
Tobi:I just love to annoy her, too bad she does't notice me
Zetsu:I have watched her fights and I'm impressed. Her jutsu is like no other
Jugo:We are good friend since she is in Taka now
Suigetsu:She smiles to my jokes
Sai:She was my friend, and taught me what a friend is but than she left and I wasn't able to tell her..
Kankuro:He is dead, you killed him. First you broke all his puppets in front of him and then slowly and painfully rip him into peaces and turned him into a funny doll
Gaara:She is like sister to me (blushes) but I cannot forget her for killing Kankuro (He secretly loves you)
Sakura:I HATE HER, she stole Sasuke from me, but she is so scary
Hinata:She was so nice, why did she leave...
Kurenai:She is very mature for her age..
Ino:(crying)SASUKE, why did you take MY SASUKE (don't worry, you kill both her and Sakura)
Ten-ten:I want to be as powerful as her..
Konan:She is a great shinobi and a great friend, too bad she left us
Karin:I-I (looks around) I hate her (whispers) but she scares me to death and she made me left Taka by just watching at me!!!
Lady Hokage:She is the most powerful shinobi I've ever seen. If only she was
on our side...
Temari:She used to be my best friend but then she killed my brother, ohh but Kankuro deserved it..
Sasuke:I love Lyna and I'll always do. I'll protect her in any cost. She told me everything about Itachi and now she helps me get a revenge from Danzo. I always bring her to the high hill up in the mountain at night where we just enjoy the moon, the night, the rain. I give her black roses and deep kisses and she sings me sad but magnificent songs... I can't imagine the world without her.


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