my One-shot Form!(4 Raven Knight)

Chapter 1

my oneshot form

I want it to be shippuuden
How long?: dosent matter to me!
Name of the one-shot: A Broken Hearts Mends with (who ever i get)
Name:Lyna Rin
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Personality: Dark, powerful, quiet, beautiful, strong, smart, never trusts people
Looks: black straight hair white purple streaks, Grey eyes, tan skin with red lips, short(about 5ft), black corset shirt and purple goth short skirt with short black fidhnet gloves, black heels(not too high but not to short) and silver ring with a purple jem on it.
Crush(s): Neji, Sasuke,Suigetsu
Friends: Temari, Garra
Enemies: All the girly girls, Kabuto and Kankuro
Likes: The night, rain, power, the moon, killing, being alone in the forest, and dark music, roses
Dislikes: girly girls, the word love, Kankuro
Past: I used to live in the sand village, My family was killed by assasins when i was 5, i used to date Kankuro when i was 13 but he ended up cheating so we broke up harshly(i mean we really had a fist fight), so i moved to the leaf village I tried to stay away from people so they wont hurt me, but when they wanted me to tag along i'd stay quiet, but i do bond with the people that have lost someone close to them and when i turned 14 orochimaru told me to come with him for power so i went! and now im a blood lust killer... :D
Justue: vocal Justues i can sing(songs from Tarja Turunen) and make it rain, make the earth shake and break and kill people with them
Weapon Choice: Sais and sharp fans
Favoirte thing in the Naruto world: All this sad stories and and funny stuff that happends.
what do you think of the guys:
Naruto: I believe he can be Hokage and i feel bad for his past, and with his loss i feel i bond with him
Sasuke: I both like him beacuase he is cute but he is myterious and i love that the most and hate him because of his adittude...kind of reminds me of myself, and i wouldnt ever tell him my feeling for him!
Kakashi: He is very skillful and a great teacher!... kinda perverted though
Kiba: I like dogs, and he seems nice
Shino: I dont really notice him much
Neji: i like that he belives in destiny but i hate it when he tells me my destiny, i make my own destiny!
Lee: he is weird, but he is a good fighter
Gai: weird!
Shikamaru: He is really very smart and talanted but kinda boring
Choji: I don't mind him,
Asuma: He is smart and he cares about his team
Orochimaru: He want to use my powers but I dont care I plan to kill him anyway
Kabuto: I hate him he always bosses me around and we always get into fights, i will kill him once i kill Orochimaru!
Deidara: I don't care for him i can easily beat him in a battle
Hidan: who?
Kisame: you mean fish boy? eh i dont care about him i do like his weapon though
Kakuzu: i dont care about him
Nagato: I care for his pain, We think similar and I respect him
Sasori: i hate puppets they remind me of...well you know who!
Itachi: I respect him. I really want to fight him though to see who would win
Tobi: who?
Zetsu: who?
Jugo: He has lost a friend and that's hard, i understand the los, i think i'd get aong with him
Suigetsu: i like him very fun to be around
Sai: he is all fake, but he did loose some close and for that i feel a bond with him
Kankuro: i Hate his guts! i will kill him the most painful and slow way possible! if his siblings didnt stop our fight i would have killed him!
Gara: i respect him and think of him as a brother
what do you think of the girls?
Sakura:I HATE pink and I HATE her
Hinata: i like her, she seems nice, but very shy
Kurenai: She has lost her love and for that we bond
Ino: I don't like her at all, i will kill her with Sakura
Tenten: eh i never notice her really
Konan: I like her because she knows pain
Karin: I HATE FANGIRLS. so i plan to kill her
Lady Hokage: She is a strong woman
Any spasific ideas of what you want to happen?: Nope not really! I will leave everything to you :D

thanks Raven Knight!!


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