Black Star ~ The not-so-short marauder story

Bonjour! My name is Monique Chantal Richard. I go to Beauxbatons school for witches. That school is my living hell. I'm surrounded everyday by blonde hair and blue eyes. And girls you try to stay under 100 pounds. They all hate me because instead of copying the blonde hair and sun kissed skin, I just be myself in all my black hair, green eyes, fair skin glory. But when I'm one 12 girls who are chosen to go to Hogwarts in England for the Triwizard tournament, things get a lot more complicated...

Chapter 1

Before ~ The Ugly Duckling

Here at Beauxbatons, everyone follows the same motto 'Beauty first"...everyone except me. I don't buy that stupid motto, It's basically saying as long as your beautiful, nothing matters. The professors claim it means you have to have a good self a steam, But I know they're just as shallow as every other girl in this school.
The school is based on prettiness. Our reputation in the magical world is 'the school with all the pretty girls in France'. And your social ranking was be how pretty you are. That's exactly why I'm at the bottom of the ranking. Not that I'm ugly or anything, I just don't spend hours trying to make myself perfect because I'm not. I'd rather spend my time studying trying to get a good job in a place far away from here
But I think the most important reason I'm at the bottom is because I don't admire the queen of the school, Genevieve. i'm not rushing to lunch to sit with her, I don't do her nails and I' don't try to be her. We're as different as two can be. She has blonde hair, I have black hair. She has blue eyes, I have green, She's tanned, I'm as white as a ghost. She has 10 pounds of make up on her face, I wear a bit of cover up. She's the most popular girl in school, I'm not. the difference don't stop with how we look, i'm smart, dependable and honest, she's not. I care about school, she doesn't. I talk English most of the time and have almost perfected my accent, She doesn't understand the concept afternoon tea.
And if you think that bad, Genevieve has a best friend, Josephine, who exactly like her.
So while the whole school is dying their hair blonde, wearing colored contacts, I stand out more than anything. I like to call myself the Black sheep, but they call me the ugly duckling. It says that on everything I own (still wondering who was smart enough to preform the spell correctly) as a constant reminder of how I don't belong here. I don't care though because as soon as I'm done here I'm making a bee-line for England into the ministry of magic.
So this is how my 4th year starts, still with the same nick name, same girls. Only 4 more years...
I sometimes imagine that my life would be like the ugly duckling in the story. One day I'll be something better and prettier than all of them...or maybe I'm just a dreamer...

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