The Epic MCR Fanfiction of Waycest LALALA

Gerard had complete control of his life. Comic books, running his band My Chemical Romance, and keeping his private life in check. Behind the thick black veil, he was nursing a severe crush. Nobody could find out about this. Not even the love of his life... until he accidentally does.

Chapter 1

A Better Love Deserving Of

Gerard Way rubbed his temples and took another sip of coffee. Sunday mornings weren't exactly his forte, especially now that he balanced so many careers. He was nestled in a small cafe, drinking black coffee and looking out onto the cold world wrapped in the warmth and security of his scarf. Even so, he shivered with the falling of the snow. Something horrible had happened, and it could never be taken back.

Gerard barely remembered the events of the night before, but enough to keep him sweating. The words pounded through his hangover, making him cringe with disgust in himself. The same words, over and over again.

"Who do you think you are?"

Gerard looked up in astonishment. The long, snowy morning was beginning to pass into the afternoon. Band practice was tonight. He shook off the sudden thought. Nobody would want to see him there... not today, that is.

The night before was a terrific blur of complications and regret. Now there was nothing to do but shake his head and sigh.


A month earlier, Gerard was sitting on a couch between Frank and Mikey. Ray was sitting on a couch adjacent to the three of them. Mikey and Frank were in a heated argument about something Gerard couldn't quite make out; either way, they were completely ignoring the person in between them. He bit his tongue and stared blankly at Ray.

"Unicorns are totally cool!"

"Are you kidding me? Octopi are what's up!"

"It's Octopuses, Frank."

"What do you care!?"

They girlishly slapped each other in annoyance. The second a hand hit Gerard's face, he was done.

"Will you guys just stop it already?"

"Sheesh, Gerard! Then what's better?"


"Yay!" Mikey pulled Gerard into a brotherly hug. Gerard glared at the ground, trying to cover his exploding emotions. He was not expecting this! Why now!? Couldn't this happen some other time when -

"Okay, okay, party time over. We came to discuss our next album, right?"

Gerard pushed Mikey off of him. "Thank you, Ray." He was secretly both relieved and disappointed. "Now! Song titles and lyrics are our main concern!"

Mikey glared at Frank and spoke to Gerard. "Hm... how about 'Unicorns are Totally Better than Octopuses'?"


"Well... how about this?" Gerard pulled a piece of paper out of his pocket. "A love song is a little bit out of the ordinary with our current musical curve or whatever, but I thought it might work." The other band members crowded around and read over the crumpled notebook page.



"Since when were you all lovey dovey?"

Gerard stared at the three of them with a look of pure terror.

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