Set fire to the rain - A Glee story.

Was watching some Glee Project auditions, and when they had to talk about their dream character, this popped into my head.

SO hope you like it!

Chapter 1

Starting fresh.

Name: Kelsie Rose O'Connor

School year: Junior, same as Artie, Blaine and Tina. (so 16? I think?)

Looks: Black, long, straight hair, greeny-blue eyes, very short, so looks much younger than she is. Looks very innocent.

Personality: Very shy, quite girly, hates the pressure to be perfect.

Background: Went to St Josephs College near Dalton, (A/N this is a made up school!) But transfered to McKinley this year. Reason for moving? You will find out soon enough!



Deep breaths.

Calm down.

Deep, deep breaths.

"Miss O'Connor?"

"Yes?" I reply meekly

The office lady gives me a kind smile.

"You may go into Principal Figgins office now."

I thank her, then walk through into the small room.

A smiling Indian man greets me.

"Miss O'Connor, please, take a seat."

I slowly lower myself onto the closest chair facing his desk.

"Now, you have come from St. Josephs, yes?"

I scowl at the name of my old school. I hated it there. The identical uniforms, hairstyles, A+ being an under-achieving score.... and most of all, the overwhelming pressure to be perfect.

"I am aware of the reason you have come to McKinley, but I will not judge you by that, all right?" the Principal asks

I nod again.

He smiles at me with a similar look to the reception lady. I can tell they both feel sorry for me.

I know I'm not. Sorry, that is. In fact, it was the best thing I've ever done.

"Well, your old principal told me that if you come here, you must take part in an extra-curricular activity. You can choose the Cheerios, our award winning cheer squad or....the Glee club."

My stomach drops.

The Cheerios.

Everyone in Ohio, perhaps the country knows who they are. Every single one of them with slim builds, sleek ponytails, and a perfect complection.


There is no way I'm being pushed into perfection. Not again. I feel sick just thinking about it.

"I will organise an audition with Coach Sylvester for the Cheerios this lunch."

My head snaps up.

"What about the Glee club?" I ask, my voice sounding so small and shaky.

He simply shakes his head.

"Oh, well, I suppose you could try." He sighs. "Okay, here is your schedule, you are free to go."

I smile weakly, then get up and leave the office to try and find the glee club as quickly as possible.

Just as I open the door I nearly walk into a man with curly hair and a butt-chin, wearing a grey vest.

"I'm so sorry I was just..."

The man signals for me to stop.

"That's fine, I'm Mr. Schuester. I teach Spanish, and I'm the head of the glee club."

Oh, well that was easy.

"I'm Kelsie, umm, I was wondering if I c-could audition for the g-glee club?"

His face lights up.

"Of course! We're having a meeting in a few minutes, I can take you there if you'd like?"

I nod, and we start walking down the corridor.

"So, are you new here?" He asks.

"Yeah, I'm from St. Josephs." I reply quietly.

A look of recognition spreads across his face.

"Oh, I know who you are, you're the girl that..."


A boy with curly black hair, hazel eyes wearing a bow tie and pants that are far too short for him comes running in from around the corner.

"Kurt and Rachel are fighting over the campaign again!" he complains, out of breath from running.

Mr Schue rolls his eyes.

"I'll take care of it, hey, can you look after Kelsie? She's new here and is going to audition."

And with that, he runs off in the direction the boy came in.

"Hey!" The boy says in a sing-song voice holding his hand out. "I'm Blaine, Blaine Anderson."

I can't help but smile at his cheerfulness.

"Kelsie O'Connor." I reply, shaking his hand. "So, who's Kurt and Rachel?"

"They're both in the New Directions, and used to be super close, until they both started running for class president." He sighs.

"Like... were they dating?" I ask, curious to find out more about these people.

He chuckles.

"No, Rachel is going out with Finn, the quarter-back, and Kurt and I are dating."

Well. I didn't see that one coming.

"Oh, okay. My cousin is gay too." I reply, trying to show him that I'm not homophobic.

"Thanks, not everyone here is so supportive." He admits.

I just nod, as we walk into the choir room.

"Kelsie, I give to you, the New Directions!'


TAADDAA! I've had this saved for a while, but I'm uploading it now!

I've had 2 exams, 2 more to go! :D

But yeah, I felt bad for not uploading, so I chucked this at you :)

Anyway, I have a good feeling about this story!

What I lack in looks, well I make up in heart!"
~Maddie x

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