It's Quite A Long Story...(Starkid)

This starts at the SPACE tour in Silver Spring.It's very diffrent than other stories,but you know..

Chapter 30

What the poo?

So..I hadn't seen Lauren for days.It was just Mere and Me.Usually just me.But i did notice,that i would catch myself singing alot.Not even meaning too.Just singing Someone Like You.
The doorbell rang one day.I answered,still singing.A guy was standing there.
"Hey,Nicky.I'm Brian.I used to be your boyfriend,but then,Lauren kissed me,and now we're going out.I'm sorry,and I just wanted to say sorry for breaking your heart,and Happy New Year!"
He handed me a gift,and then ran off.Well,that was weird.I didn't know if i should feel hurt,or happy.
"Present to myself."I said.I opened the gift,and it was a candle.Nice.
I went back to washing the dishes,singing the same song.It wasn't until Mere got home,when i was happy again.She sat me down on the couch.
"Listen.Brian,and Lauren like eachother."She said.
"I know.He sent me a candle,saying sorry."I said.
"Oh.That's why it smelled good in here.But,at least we're single together,right?"She asked.
"Yeah.Meredith and Nicky,the Single Ladies."I said.And with that,we both broke out into song.
"What the poo,was that?"I asked,as I heard a noise on the roof.We both fell silent and listened.Footsteps.
"Santa came late?"Mere whispered.We ran out of the house,and looked up.Some guy dressed in Red was trying to get down the chimeny.I went back inside,and got the bat from the umbrella basket.Once the guy slid down,I hit him silly with the bat.I took off his ski mask.
I splashed water on his face,and he woke up.
"Oh my god,walker i'm so sorry."I said.
"It's fine.Last time i try to make you happy."He groaned,and got up.I sat him down on the couch.
"I came to tell you..I heard groans coming from Brian's room."He said.
"Nice.I don't care anymore.I mean,he is the one that kicked me,and got me in the accident right?"I asked.
"Sure.Just,promise you won't go running to another guy?Use him to mend your broken heart?"He asked.
"Fine.I'm going to get ice."I said.
~10 years later~
I am 33 now.Old,but still young.Very stylish,Mom.
Oh yeah.Did i forget to mention something to you?I'm married.And I have a little boy.Who did I get married to you ask?
AJ.Apple Juice Holmes.Brian and Lauren got married,and the rest of them,moved off to bigger and better things.Well,we all did,but they are still close by,and visit every now and then.We call eachother all the time.
Fans still ask us,When are you going to do more plays?But the truth is,Starkid is finished.We ended it,with AVPT.When most of us were 30.We're too old.
But i did hear,Joey met a girl named GraceAnne.And Darren a Geena.
And even Rosenthal.Who would have ever thought he would've got a girl?But yeah,we call her Stormy.Their both upsessed with squirrels.
Walker even met a girl named Julz.
But everything worked out in the end.Everyone was happy.
And my past..Was never thought of again.
~The End~

Crap..I really didn't want that to end.But i could add on to it.Maybe a little group story action?Geena?Danielle?Julz?I don't know.But i liked that.
See ya later Lurries!

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