It's Quite A Long Story...(Starkid)

This starts at the SPACE tour in Silver Spring.It's very diffrent than other stories,but you know..

Chapter 3


"Who's that?"I heard someone's voice.
"Nicky.You see,Holden kicked her,so we let her be apart of our Starkid group."
"Nice.Wake her up,so i can meet her."
I think it was Darren.Darren criss?!!!!!
Joey poked me.I shot up.My head,hit the top of the bus.
"ow."I got out of bed,and shook darren's hand.
"Nicky R-I mean,Winter."I said.
Lauren and Joe started giggling.
Joey blushed.
"Nice to meet you."Darren said,laughing himself.
"Where are we going next?"I asked.
"New york.We're here.Irving Plaza!"Joey said.I looked out of the window.People were already standing outside.I grabbed my outfit from the bed,and went to change in the bathroom.
I mean,we washed them every couple days.The sparkles were starting to fall off.
I had no other clothes.I mean,i had what i wore to the concert.Jeans and a tshirt.
When i came back out,they were having a deep discusion.But as soon as the door closed they stopped.I would find out later.We went out of the tour bus,and went inside.The VIP came,and we talked and signed stuff and then Charlene went on.
I sighed and went out.The fans came running to me.
"Hi,Hello!How ya doing?Enjoying the show?"I said this constently.
"Hi!"A cheerful voice made me look up.
Joey was there in Walker's,Up mustache.
I laughed and signed his poster,he came around the table and gave me a hug.
I kissed his cheek.Several cameras took pictures."you'll see us together,alot during the show!"Joey said,before running backstage.
I smiled,and signed some more pictures.
"Hey,where's Nicky?And Darren?"Joey asked.I covered my ears from the noise and ran backstage.
Darren said it together.
"Did someone say,Nicky and Darren?"
We smiled at eachother and went onstage in the slow mo thing.
We stood toward the band.
Joey and I walked out to the front of the stage.
We switched lines,so we both got a fair amount.
We sounded great together.
Later,after Boy Toy,we all went on stage.
"Hey,Nicky come here."Jaime said.I scooted up in the middle.
"So,you've been with us for a couple weeks now."Holden said.
"And,your really nice,and totally awesome."Joey added.
"Therefore,because holden kicked you,your a Starkid now."Lauren added.
I laughed with the crowd.
"WE WANT YOU TO MOVE INTO STARKID MANOR!!"The band,and the crowd and the Starkid screamed.They probably posted it on FB.
I screamed,delighted and nodded,hugging Joey.He picked me off of my feet.
We all did a group hug.
And contintued the show,me smiling like an idiot,the whole time.

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