It's Quite A Long Story...(Starkid)

This starts at the SPACE tour in Silver Spring.It's very diffrent than other stories,but you know..

Chapter 2


"Nicky,wake up!We're getting Mcdonalds!"Lauren said.I
rolled out of bed and hit the floor.
"Ow."I said as i go up.Forgot i was on the very top bunk..
I went over by the bus driver.
"Can i have an egg on a bisquet?No cheese."I said.
"Is that all?"The girl asked.
"Yes."Holden said.
We got our food and continued our drive to boston.We couldn't be too far.I checked my FB again.
"What are they saying?"Joey asked.
"So excited to see the new starkid!"I said.
"well that's nice."Walker said.
We got to the House of Blues at 1 exactly.
We met with the VIP people.
And the show started.
I snuck out,very badly and went to the merchendise table.
I had my blue sunglasses on.
"Why do you have sunglasses on?"One girl asked.
"Because of Holden!He kicked me!"I said,and signed her poster.
One after the other,until...
"Hey,where's Nicky?"Joey asked.I got up and ran backstage.
"Did someone say Nicky?"I asked.Lauren high fived me again.
We basically did the same thing as last night.
I snuck out with Joey to the bus again.
Same comments as last time.
I collapsed on my bed.Joey came up with me.
"So,you did good."I said.
"So did you.For a new starkid at least."He said.
I scoffed."Like you could do any better."I mumbled.
He pretened like he couldn't hear me.
I looked at the clock.
It was 6.And our next show started at 8.
"Wanna go get something to eat?"I asked.
He nodded,and both put up our hoods.
We got off the tour bus,and went to the nearest resturaunt.
We ate,and talked.
"What time is it?"The girl next to us asked the waitress.
"7:22."She said.Joey and I both looked at eachother.The VIP people!he put a 20 on the table,and we held hands as we ran into the House of Blues,and backstage.
"We're so sorry!"Joey said to the VIP people.
They all shook their heads.
"Can i have your autograph?"A guy asked me.
I grabbed a sharpie holden was using and signed his headband.
Nice to see some guys like us too.
I signed everyone's poster or headbands,and then they left.
Again,Charlene went on,and i signed some posters again.
I mean,it felt kinda rude doing it,but she said she didn't care.
She said,hearing is better than seeing.So,yeah..
"Hey,where's Nicky?"
I dropped the sharpie and ran backstage.
"Did someone say Nicky?"I asked.Cheers!
I collapsed on my bed and fell asleep.
New York tomorrow.Darren would be with us.
I would get to meet,the Darren Criss.
And he would get to meet the new starkid.
It was a win win deal.

Joey's P.O.V
Nicky went to sleep.
"Guys,i have a question."I said.Everyone sat and listened.
"Imagine,this girl just came along.And,you had dinner with her,sang with her,laughed with her,and just liked her from the first time you met her.But she doesn't like you back."I said.
"It's Nicky isn't it?"Lauren asked.I nodded.
"I can ask her if she likes you."Brian said.
I nodded and we talked about something diffrent.
I pulled out my phone and went on Facebook.
Her picture was her and I together,when we were doing Boy Toy.
We were holding our end pose,and looking at eachother,smiling.
I remember that.
Her brown eyes were locked in mine.
Her brown hair,fell over her face.
She had pretty long hair.It went to her shoulders,and she had the bangs that covered her left eye.
I wish it didn't.
I snapped out of it when Lauren looked over my shoulder at the phone.
"He's got it bad!"She said.Everyone came over and looked at my phone.
I skimmed through her pictures.
Most of them were of the space tour.
She had Eric take pictures of us.
Many of them were with me.
Some with the girls.
And some with the rest of them.
My favorite one,was when we were singing I Wanna Be.
We were both doing a long note together.
"Joey,what's that one?"Lauren asked,pointed at one.I clicked on it.
Some girl made a picture of Nicky and I.
There we three pictures where we were smiling at eachother.
Each one had the title of the song,and hearts all over it.
"Awkward."Brian said.
"Scroll down to the comments."Mere said.
I scrolled down and read them.
"I totally ship Nicky and Joey.They kept smiling at eachother during the boston show."Walker read.
"They were even late for VIP together."Dylan said.
"And,i saw them eating dinner together."Jaime read.
They all smiled at me.
"You have a gigantic crush!"Lauren said.
"It's only the 3rd day we've known her."I said.
"Love at first sight!"Dylan said,laying down.
I ignored all the talk about,changing her name to Nicky Richter.
I mean it works..
I'm falling in love.....With Nicky Winter.

I think it's going pretty good!What do you guys think?

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