It's Quite A Long Story...(Starkid)

This starts at the SPACE tour in Silver Spring.It's very diffrent than other stories,but you know..

Chapter 1


It was 4:00 pm.I was waiting in line for the Silver Spring SPACE tour.I had waited a couple hours.But the weird thing?I ended up in their Tour Bus after the show.There was something cold on my head.I opened my eyes and felt it.It was an ice pack."Hey!She's up!"A familiar voice shouted.Someone was standing in front of me."Who are you?"I asked."Joey Richter.Don't you remember?"He asked."No.Who are they?"I asked,sitting up."Dylan,Meredith,Jaime,Joe,Brian and Lauren."Joey explained.

"What happen?"I asked,sitting up."Well,when Brian,kicked his leg out into the audience,he kinda hit you.And no one noticed,because,well,it was a concert.And when we were sneaking out,we saw you."Dylan said.I laughed."Thanks so much,Brian."I said.He blushed."So,i'm going on tour with you guys now huh?"I asked."I guess so.You were singing along to every song..Up until Brian kicked you."Lauren said.We all shared a laugh.

"What's your name?"Meredith asked."Nicky."I said."Pretty."Joey said.I blushed."Never thought you would meet the starkids,huh?"Jaime said.I shook my head,and pushed the ice away.I looked around.4 beds on each side.There was a mini fridge and then a bathroom."Where are we now?"I asked."Cincinnati."Dylan said.I nodded and got up."Got any sparkly clothes?"I asked lauren."Yeah.Here."She pulled out some jean shorts and a sparkly blue shirt.I changed in the bathroom

"So,you wanna be a Starkid?"Joey asked."I've kinda been one,since i've been awake haven't I?"I asked.They all agreed."You know,Brian must have hit you hard,not to remember us."Jaime said."It's all coming back."I said.Dylan looked out the window."It's time."He said.We all got escorted out,me holding hands with Joey so the body guards wouldn't take me away.We all went backstage.Joey was still holding my hand.I met the band and Charlene."How did you get here?"She asked.

"Oh,you see Brian kicked me.And,so yeah.I'm with you guys now."I said."Your the new starkid.very nice."Charlene said."Please don't sue us.Because we don't wanna,we don't wanna be sued-"I cut brian off."Let's not get into singing.And no i won't sue you.I just became a starkid!"I said.They all continued breathing.The stage manager came up to us."Do we need a 8th mic?"He asked."Yes.You'll sing back up.So,you can just sing with us.And,here's your helmet,and shoes."Joe handed me the helmet,and Joey handed me the Starkid sneakers."Well okay."I said,and sat on the stage.I put the sneakers on.They looked pretty darn good.

"Wanna go introduce yourself?"Brian asked.I nodded,and got up.I took a deep breath and went on stage.It was my first time in front of an audience.They all cheered,and screamed.I went up to a mic."Hi.My name is Nicky,and i'm apart of the Starkid group now.How,you ask?Because Brian Holden kicked me.And i woke up on their bus,and now I'm a Starkid.And i'm not going to kick anyone."I said.They all smiled and laughed."And,so now,we will sing!Woo hoo!"I ran off stage.

"Very good."Holden said."I'll stay over by the merchendise to sign stuff,until we start singing."I said.They all nodded,and I went out the door,and to the merchendise area.People ran towards me."So,your the new Starkid huh?"The girl asked,as i signed her poster."Yeah.Literally,got to be one 15 minutes ago.Guess we should all try to get kicked by Brian huh?"I asked.She laughed and left with the poster.One after the other i explained How I became a Starkid.=)

Until i heard,their voices on speaker."Hey,Where's Nicky?"Joey asked.I said sorry to the rest of the people in line,and ran to the doors.I snatched Joey's microphone."Did someone say Nicky?"I asked.Cheers.Lauren high fived me,for using a Starkid quote.I mean,being a fan,you kinda have to use quotes all the time right?We all lined up.I was in between Joe and Joey.We put on our helmets."When do i come in?"I asked Joey."With me."He whispered.We all went out on stage and turned to face the band.We took off our helmets as the music starts.

Joey and I turned around at the same time."I wanna be..a starship ranger."We both sang lightly.The crowd went wild.For the rest of the show,i either did songs with Jaime or Joey.I did dance for Stutter and Boy Toy though.We were about to end,when Gotta Get Back to Hogwarts started.They all huddled but me.I walked the perimeter of the stage."Nicky!Come on!"Brian said.I joined the group."Whoever sings darren's part,has to be good.Dang good!"Brian said."What about you brian?"Meredith asked.He was about to sing,when Joe and I stepped out and sang instead.

When we finished that,we all lined up and introduced ourselfs.During my turn,someone yelled out,"I love you!"I smiled.When Jaime finished we all bowed.I went up to my mic."Even though this was my first performence,you guys are awesome for accepting me,and not kicking me like Brian,love you!"I said,and then went off stage.I went out of the door with Joey.A circle surrounded us.
"You did great,for your first time!"
"Your my new favorite starkid!"
"Can you two take pictures together?"
"Can you accept my facebook friend request?!"
I smiled."Thank you guys so much!I'll facebook later,and yeah sure!"I said,and posed with Joey.Tons of flashes lit the room."Good luck,Nicky!"They all shouted,before Joey and I dissapeared into the tour bus."They loved you!"Joe said.They all took out their phones,and like me on Facebook.They added me as friends too,and FBed about me going on tour with them.Brian told about the kicking accident.

Thank you,guys for supporting me at the Cincinnati show!I'm apart of Starkidpotter now,and i'll be at every show because Brian Holden kicked my face!So,now i'm a Starkid.I'll be with the people who didn't get VIP,while Charlene's going on,so get your camera's,and headbands ready,Boston!I sent it out.I looked at my friend request box thing.I had almost 100 already!I accepted each of them.
I layed in the top bed,and fell asleep.Getting ready for Boston tomorrow.

How did you guys like it?Is it off to a good start?Darren's coming in soon..So,do you think it sucks?Or did she become a Starkid to fast.I mean,if i got kicked in the face by one,i'd want to be a starkid..

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