Goddess Girls

A story about goddesses and their friends at school.

Chapter 1

A Hunt Gone Wrong

"Come on!" I hollered at Aphrodite. Aphrodite was always slow getting ot the forest to hunt, because she hated hunting. "Persephone!" Artemis hollered. I ran over toward her. "Yeah?" I asked. "There's the monster!" Artemis pointed toward a Minotaur roaming in the trees. Artemis aimed and shot her arrow. She missed by a few feet. I watched as the monster charged at Athena, but Athena dodged and slashed at it with her sword. I decided I needed to help. I ran in, my sword going every which way as I randomly slashed. Aphrodite hung back, ready to leave at any moment. The Minotaur roared and charged at Artemis, but Artemis shot and arrow, making the monster flinch. The arrow soared overhead the monster and landed in the trees. Suddenly, the monster ran at Athena, who wasn't looking at the moment. It jumped on her. We all stared in horror, but while the monster was doing that, Artemis shot it and it evaporated into dust. Athena was badly hurt.
In the schools nurses office, Athena was fed nectar. Her dress was in tatters and her hair was a rat's nest. "This hunt went wrong" I said sadly. Athena opened her eyes. She coughed and sat up. "How ya feeling?" I said, setting some rose petals on her lap. "Better," Athena said. "That hurt" she rubbed the side of her head. The nurse gave Athena an ice pack. Rrrriiinnngggg! It was the bell. "Better get to class," Artemis said. "Me, too" i said. We walked out together, heading toward our next class.

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