Chasing Cars (A StarKid Story)

Chasing Cars (A StarKid Story)

Yeah, another one. Shut up and enjoy it;)

PS This will be kinda like How I Became A StarKid but it would NEVER happen.... Never...

Chapter 37

Stand Still

"What if...we never go on tour again?" I mumbled, burying my face in Joe's neck. "And we stay in Chicago and not have to leave ever cause that's a lot of work."
He laughed and looked at Brian. "What do you say?"
"Well, Matt and Nick aren't exactly happy with all the tax work. So I don't think we'll be doing anything soon. Maybe a new show though."
"I miss shows."
"Me, too."
The bus was mainly silent, everyone was sleeping besides the three of us. Danielle was tucked next to Brian, been asleep for about an hour. The bus driver had pulled over before everyone went to sleep so we could eat and use the bathroom.
Of course, I got hungry again. And I was not going to give my boyfriend the satisfaction of being right about not eating enough at dinner.
My stomach betrayed me though.
"I fv.cking told you. You ate literally nothing."
"No! I ate a little bit!" I argued and sat up to look for my glasses.
Brian laughed and joined in. "You had a small fry and a small smoothie from McDonald's. And only a side salad at lunch. Did you eat breakfast?"
"No," I told him. "I wasn't hungry earlier."
"You okay?" Joe asked, touching my forehead with the back of his hand. "You're a little warm..."
I shrugged. "I'm fine. I just got really hungry really fast. I don't know. Maybe I should just go to bed."
"Are you sure?"
"I'm positive." I stood, tugging the sleeves of Joe's hoodie down, letting it fall down past my shorts.
He smiled when he saw me. "You're gorgeous. I love you."
"Barf," Brian said, averting his eyes.
I smiled, leaning over to kiss Joe before going towards the bunks and crawling into mine. I pulled the blanket I got from being a thespian in high school closer around me and closed my eyes. Sleep...wasn't going to happen.
I tossed and turned for a little while before I got out of bed and headed back to the couch. Brian and Joe were playing Mario on the TV.
"We have the day off tomorrow, right?"
"And the next day," Brian mumbled, tapping the button quickly. "Why?"
"Cause I can't sleep. And maybe... I might wanna stop at a CVS minute clinic."
Joe looked up. "You sure you're okay?"
"I think so. I just feel bleh."
He put his controller down, and stood up. "Be right back, Bri."
"I was about to turn in anyway," he turned off the TV and picked Danielle up off the couch gingerly.
My boyfriend nodded and pulled me towards the back of the bus. "Alright, what's going on?"
"I can't eat and I can't sleep. I get random bouts of being depressed and my face keeps breaking out. I'm tired. I don't know what's wrong."
"I... I don't know. But I'll go with you to the clinic. Do you think it's really serious?"
"Nah, I don't think that it will be. It might just be a medication thing. Like, they just prescribe me something and then I'm fine after a week or something."
"Alright. Let's try to go to bed, huh?"
"I won't be able to sleep, but... Sure."
And even cuddling into Joe and trying my hardest, I wasn't able to sleep much.

"Alright, let's see..." The nurse looked in the book and bit her lip. "I think... I think it's all because of anxiety. You've been diagnosed before, correct?"
"Yes," I told her, rolling my eyes at Joe who was mocking her behind her back.
"Are you experiencing any stress lately?"
"Well, we're on tour. So I haven't been able to sleep in an actual bed every night or getting the best sleep. But we have the rest of today and then tomorrow off before we have to perform again."
She hummed and started flipping to a different section. "I think you need to rest today, probably take some supplements and vitamins since you're not eating enough. Will you be at a hotel later?"
"Yeah, we checked in right before we came here."
9"Alright. Lay down, watch a movie or some Netflix or something, and try to fall asleep. Take some melatonin as well, it should help. No caffeine for the rest of the day." She looked up. "I'd suggest B12 and Iron for the vitamins. Possibly some calcium chews as well."
"Alright, thanks."
"No problem! I hope you feel better, dear!"
I followed Joe out of the examining room after paying the small fee and finding all the pills she suggested. "What a load of bullshit. I can't believe I just paid for her to tell me to take some fv.cking pills and sleep."
Joe rubbed my shoulder while we waited on line to pay. He had learned by now not to interrupt me ranting about people. "I know, babe."
"And it's like... I know I should sleep! I'm trying to sleep, dammit!" I looked at him. "At least we get to hang out at the hotel. I mean, unless you were planning on going out with the rest of them?"
"Well," he shrugged. "I was planning on it, but if you need me..."
"You know that I'm fine with it. I was just thinking... You know what kinda wears me out?"
"Fooling around."
His eyes got wide. "We can do that! We won't be on the bus!"
I laughed. "Maybe you need some sleep too, Joseph."
"I probably do," he told me as he scrubbed a hand down his face. "I really do."
"Well, we can do that. And then you can go out after a nap, huh?"
"Sounds like a plan. I'm so happy we got our own room this time." He shifted his weight on his feet and groaned. "Why is the line taking so long?!"
"Cause Murphy's Law. I dunno."
"You're...Murphy's Law..."

A few months later, and we were done with touring, done with our stage reading of A Very Potter Senior Year at Leaky Con, and onto rehearsing our new show.
This was a show that the Langs had in mind for awhile, and we were writing it currently. While casting it and starting rehearsing.
Brian was directing this one, and I decided to do crew.
So make up it was. I would get to hide backstage and help with costume changes before the cast had to run back out onto the stage.
"I'd like to bring back your wiiiife..." Dylan sang on stage while everyone was still doing warm ups.
Of course, what's a StarKid show without a funny voice or two from my boyfriend. "What's my name, everyone?"
One of our new cast mates, Robert Manion, yelled back, "Tiger fv.cker!"
"But Geena's not a tiger!" Meredith yelled.
"And you're going to look terrible on opening night," I mumbled while labeling everyone's foundation colors and make up kits.

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