Chasing Cars (A StarKid Story)

Chasing Cars (A StarKid Story)

Yeah, another one. Shut up and enjoy it;)

PS This will be kinda like How I Became A StarKid but it would NEVER happen.... Never...

Chapter 1

Normal? What is this?

It was an ordinary day in Meredith's living room.
Julia and Lauren were up to their crazy antics, Meredith and Walker were talking about farts, Jaime and Brian were chatting, and I was throwing popcorn at Joey as he tried to talk to his girlfriend, GraceAnne, over the phone.
Like I said, normal.
"Dammit, Geena! I'm on the phone!"
"That sucks," I told him, throwing another piece his face. He caught it in his mouth and stuck his tongue out.
What came next, however, was definitely not normal.
"All right, guys, we're going on tour."
Brian's statement shifted my world more than StarKid already had. Playing a Hot Girl, Cho Chang, and February was hard work, but very rewarding. Our fans loved our musicals, and appreciated them. Being part of this thing we started in college was amazing.
But a tour? No way was it possible.
We were quiet, staring at our friend.
I heard GraceAnne over Joey's phone. "Joey? Hello? You still there? Hello?"
He was too incoherent to say anything, so I launched myself towards him and grabbed his phone. "GraceAnne?"
"It's Geena! Okay, something's wrong with Brian's head, so Joey's super confused. He'll call you back soon."
She laughed. "All right. Thanks!"
"You're welcome!" I hung up and handed the cell back to Joey.
"Okay, boy, whatcha talkin' about?" Lauren asked.
"We're going on tour. It's official."

And this is why we're in a top floor of a building in Chicago in cold, cold, October, rehearsing our thing again.
"Ugh, Geena!" Meredith whined when I accidentally hit her again.
"Sorry!" I hugged my best friend once more as Denise glared at us. I smiled apologetically. The song restarted and I did my best not to whack my friend again.
Finally getting it down, we were moving onto who would sing Darren's part in...all of his songs, really.
"Guess who?!"
We whipped around to see Clark and Mark helping Charlene and her band members, Megan and Dave, into the room.
"CHAR!" I ran to hug one of our best college friends. "How long has it been?!"
"I don't know, girl!"
"Aw, damn," I muttered as I pulled away and started brushing my clothes. "Now I'm all sparkly."
"That happens," Jaime told me as she wiggled in between us to hug her.
"All right, guys, this is all very special but...we need to get going! C'mon!" Julia, the director of the tour, yelled at us before hugging Charlene herself.
I narrowed my eyes at Juls before taking my phone out to tweet. Jeez, @julsmarietells I'm sorry we're a bother... #SPACEtour #rehearsing
Phones buzzed and beeped around the room as my tweet sent out. A few giggles were emitted while Julia gave me another look. "Really? Seriously? I'm already stressed. Get your butt into gear!"

The tour was getting closer and closer. And I was getting nervouser and nervouser... That's not a word. Is it?
Well, whatever!
I was laying on the ground in my apartment with GraceAnne and Joey and Walker and Meredith and Dylan four days before our first show in Ann Arbor, our college town.
"I don't want you guys to leave. What am I supposed to do without you?" GraceAnne asked, cuddled into Joey's chest.
"Denise and the Langs and Jim will still be here! It's going to be okay, you'll have someone to hang with," I told her. She narrowed her eyes and stuck her tongue out at me.
"Why can't I come?"
"You're not a StarKid," Dylan said. "Sorry, GraceAnne, but there's not a lot of room on the tour bus."
"I know, I just wish there was. Like, I know I can't go, but I so wish I could. Y'know?"
"I don't know. Cause I'm going!" Meredith teased.
I laughed and rolled onto my stomach, moving my head out of Meredith's lap. Joey kissed the top of GraceAnne's head and, for just a slight moment, I remembered how he used to do that to me when we dated for a brief time.
It wasn't that I missed having Joey as a boyfriend, it was that I missed having a boyfriend. But, I guess that's what Meredith is for. She told me I was pretty and let me lean on her and knew exactly when to hug me and she loves me. That's all I want in a boyfriend. I rolled my eyes.
What am I thinking? I want a boyfriend, badly.
"Do you have any food?"
I gave him a look to say, Are you stupid? Of course I do!.
"Seriously, Joey?" Walker asked. "It's Geena. She has food. It's just that gross crap that Nick and Jim like, too."
"Hey! If you're going to diss my yummy soy stuff, I shall have to ask you to leave!"
GraceAnne, Joey, Walker, and Dylan stood up and started to walk out. Meredith shrugged like it was no big deal that they were leaving.
"Aw, no! Come back!" I yelled.
"If you make us food, we will!" I heard Joey say from the hallway.
I sighed. "Fine."
They filed back in and I got up to go make popcorn and pizza.

Today's the day.
We were headed up to Ann Arbor.
And I was going to be the picked up second to last. I was waiting, rather impatiently, for the tour buses to pull up onto my street. According to Brian, it was going to be performers in one bus, then Charlene, the band, Julia, Cory, and Liam would be in the other. And it would be an adventure.
A big one.
I stretched out my quads like I did when I was nervous, bringing my ankle back behind my back, seeing how far I could get it. The burning settled the rapidly-beating butterflies in my tummy.
Honk honk!
And there's Holden now...
I grabbed my suitcase and my purse. I know someone was supposed to come up and help me with my other suitcase, but I wasn't sure who. If it were Joey or Walker or Dylan, I'd make them carry the big one, but if it were Juls or Charlene or Lauren or Jaime, I'd carry it.
Oh, God. I can't go on tour! It was just too...weird! Oh, God. Oh, God!
Knock knock!
And here's my helper.
I open the door to be face to face with Walker. I smirked.
"Of course they send my mortal enemy, huh?"
"Yeah, I know! Holden won Rock, Paper, Scissors."
"Oh, thanks, man. It's nice to know that y'all are willing to help."
"Have you been hanging out with GraceAnne too often? Y'all?"
I glared at the boy who, apparently, loved to make my life a living hell. "Just grab that bag and bring it to the tour bus that I am staying on."
"Why are you so literal when talking to me?" he asked, lifting the bag up to carry it as I locked the door.
"Because when I told you to take a shower, you decided to do what I said," I stopped to look at him. "but you kept your clothes on."
"What was I supposed to do?! Take my clothes off in your house?!"
"It's not like you don't take your shirt off all the time."
"HEY! It's hot in the summer! And we were supposed to go to the pool!"
"As long as you keep your pants on during the tour..."
"Fine. I'll shower in my pants."
I shook my head. He was too weird. "Who are we missing?"
"YAY! Let's go get her!"
"Aren't you going to tweet about it?"
"Hell yeah, I am!" I smiled as I took my phone out.
Let's explore SPACE! #SPACEtour #AnnArbor #tourbus #hashtag #hellyeah

~~~~ I hope you guys like this story! It's not like my normal ones at all... And you'll see why;)
Love, Geena ~~~~

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