I Dont Need You~A James Potter Love Story

When Isabella was 2 years old her parents were killed in a shooting. She was given to Mr.&Mrs.Potter and grew up with James Potter. The two were joined at the hip until the fateful day when James got between her and her destiny as a Protector.

Isabella has waist length brown hair, eyes so dark they are almost black,and a will that will never be broken. as to her hieght...it isnt wise to make jokes about short people in front of her.

Chapter 1

So this is where we part...

It was a warm sunny day when his letter came.
James was so excited when he told me that he needed to talk to me.
I was up in a tree reading the letter I had just received.
It was from the Protectors.
I was stunned because ever since I could remember I had dreamt of being one.
So secretly and with my guardians’ permission I applied to their academy.
I had to do it secretly because James hated the thought of me being a Protector.
The letter I got was an acceptance to the academy where I would train and -hopefully- graduate to be a full fledge Protector of the wizarding and muggle community.
"Bella! Where are you?" James shouted.
"I’m coming I’m coming! Keep your pants on!” I yelled back dropping lithely from my perch.
"Hey," he said.
“I have to talk to you."
"You got your Hogwarts letter didn’t you?" I inquired.
"Yeah I did" he said smiling.
I grinned back at him.
This it I told myself. You have to tell him.
"James.... I have some news of my own."
That’s when he caught sight of the letter that was still clutched in my hand.
He frowned and then froze seeing the Protectors insignia (sp?).
"James hear me out on this plz. James?" I said carefully.
He was staring at me like a stranger.
“How could you? Behind my back? Bella I thought ...I thought that we were going to go to Hogwarts together." James stared at me.
"James you know what my dreams are. I did to protect you and eventually others."
"But why? Why do you want to risk your life every day, hour minute second? Why?"
“Because of what those people did to my parents. I want to save them so others can see there little girl or boy grow up."
"BUT YOU’RE ONLY EIGHT YEARS OLD! The only thing you should worry about at this age is whether or not you’re going to get the toy you want or if your clothes match! Why do you worry about everybody but yourself?!"
I got in his face then even being 6 inches shorter.
I shoved him.
He shoved me back.
"Because I’m not you! I’m not arrogant and selfish!! Because I didn’t get to know my parents! Because the last time I checked this is my life not yours! I will do with it what I would like!' I snarled.
"I don’t need you! I don’t need you to protect me or breathe down my neck every time I turn around asking what I’m doing, why I’m doing it, and who I’m doing it with!"
"So... this is where we part."
"So it is."
And that very same day I packed and left to go to the academy where I would meet my best friend and learn that my own mother had been a leader (=top rank).
I would follow in her footsteps in less than four years and be the youngest leader in and of the Protectors.
My adopted parents always respected my choices and told me how proud they were of me in their letters and on the occasion that I would visit.

That day I watched her leave.
She looked back once at me.
Then she was gone.
I ran through our conversation.
I fell to my knees crying silently like I never had.
The words she had throne like daggers hurt so much.
Because they were true.
I had lost my little sister, my best friend and I knew over time I would try to forget her like I did everything else.
But I could never forget the girl I was in love with

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