A Harry Potter Love Story

So most people wanted me to do a Draco Malfoy love story, and i tried to but i couldnt get inspired, yknow, and a Harry Potter story was just begging to be written, so I'm sorry, I did a Harry Potter love story! I PROMISE I'll do a Draco one as soon as I come up with a good story.
o and don't be too mean cause its the first Hogwarts love story I'v done, mkay? thx :)

- Also im not sure what to title my story, any suggestions? -

Chapter 1

An awkward breakfast

I woke up in a lumpy bed to two orange-haired people I didn't recognize standing over me. Who were they and why were they in my house?! With a shriek, I launched her pillow at them, before realizing it was just Fred and George, and it wasn't actually my house, it was theirs. I was staying the Burrow with my friend Ginny's family. Embarassed, I sat up and apologized to George, who was getting up off the floor after having a pillow thrown at him and rubbing his head. Ginny, on the air mattress on the floor, stirred at the commotion and, grumbling something incoherant, went back to sleep. The twins just explained that they were coming to get us for breakfast and left quickly before anyone else tried to injure them. Cursing myself for being such a flake, I shook Ginny roughly for almost five minutes until she finally got up with a yawn. Ms. Weasley was yelling up for us to come get breakfast before our food got cold, so we trudged down the stairs without combing our hair or anything. When we got into the kitchen, one person without orange hair stood out. Also the fact that he had a LIGHTING SCAR stood out also. "Sweet Baby Jesus " I thought, cursing myself yet again for not taking time to at least pull my hair up into a pony tell or throw on some concealer for that huge zit that was residing on my forehead. Me and Ginny backed away slowly, as surprised as we would have been if Voldemort, sorry, You-know-who, had been sitting at the kitchen table chowing down on hash browns and bacon. We both sprinted up the stairs, giggling breathlessly, our eyes bulging. We ran back into Ginny's room and pulled her big bag of makeup out from under her bed. I tried 3 of her perfumes but couldn't decide which one I liked the best so I wore all of them. I pulled my comb through my hair so hard that I pulled out some of it, and then tucked it up into a cute messy bun, and helped her pull her hair up into a sleek high ponytail. Then we both put on "our faces", as my mom likes to say, and ran back downstairs, hoping Harry hadn't left. And he hadn't, thank god. Throwing a killer look at Ron and motioning for him to get up, which he did, looking very confused, I slid into his now empty seat to the right of Harry, and Ginny not very subtly pushed George out of the seat on Harry's left and sat down on his other side. Fred and George exchanged gleeful glances and cat-called quietly. Harry blushed like mad and, placing down his fork and putting his hands in his lap awkwardly, looked between us with a shy smile that made me and Ginny almost faint. Fred yelled out from across the table, interrupting the uncomfortable silence, "Hey Harry, look who's getting all this FEMALE attention!" which made the whole table crack up, and the three of us blush like mad. Ms. Weasley obviously didn't approve of it though, so she said loudly, "Uh, Ginny, can you be a dear and, uh help me take the laundry off the line outside?" They exchanged pointed glances and Ginny sighed and stomped outside with one jealous look back at me and Harry. The rest of the family decided to leave too, cause this was extremely awkward. Fred and George grabbed their brooms and went to practice for the Quidditch tryouts, Mr. Weasley went to go get ready for work, and Percy went to organize his trunk for Hogwarts. All of a sudden, it was just me and Harry sitting very close to eachother in a very empty room. He glanced up at me and smiled, making smalltalk. "So, umm..." "Ashley.""Ah. Ashley. So, ummm, you'll be in first year this year?" "Yeah", I responded. Of course he wasn't interested, I was just a first year. Deciding to get out while I could, I tried to make a graceful exit, but it didn't work and I ended up tripping and falling onto Harry's lap. Not breathing, I stared up at him, cursing myself AGAIN. But luckily he had a sense of humor. He burst out laughing, helped me up, and walked me back to Ginny's room, both of us laughing and really comfortable with eachother now. When we got to the top of the stairs, he blushed and said, "Maybe we can hang out, like, uh....when we get to Hogwarts?" I nodded, unable to form words in my muddled brain, smiled and darted into Ginny's room, shutting the door quickly behind me. I slid down the door and sat there, grinning. Maybe I had a chance after all. :D

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