Killing Loneliness

One-Shot for Raven Knight!!

Chapter 1

Killing loneliness

You were in your room laying in your coffin you were awake though. It's dark and you only had one lit candle, yet it was still bright to you. This night was the worst of all nights, so many memories of blood...and pain. You herd a knock at your door,
"Who is it?" you asked in a mumble.
"Raven, open up" you herd from the other side of the door, the voice was familiar. You slowly stood up and opened the door.
"Yes, Itachi?" you asked once you opened the door. Though you are dead and your heart no longer beats, you felt warmness in your chest every time you saw Itachi. You two were close in fact you told him that you were a Vampire before you told any one else in the Akatsuki but you never told him the way you felt about him, because even you weren't quite sure of your feelings for him.
"You do know it's night?" he asked in a serious tone. You looked at him plainly.
"I do, why do you ask?"
"It's not normal for you to stay in your room at night" he replied, you looked down at the floor then back up at him.
"Your point?" you asked leaning on the door frame. you didn't want to leave your room, you didnt want to get out of the coffin that made you who you are.
"What's wrong Raven?" he asked showing just a bit of emotion.
"It is nothing, I assure you" you said and took a step back.
"Your family?" he said, you immediately shot you eyes at him in a slight glare.
"I don't want to talk nor think about it" you said. You moved you hand ready to close the door, but Itachi took hold of your hand before you could touch the door. He was warm and you could feel his heart beat form his hand, it was calm as usual. You looked at your hands then, at Itachi
"And yet your thinking about it", you looked into his eyes. you felt safe, you felt trust... "Raven, I know you killed your parents on this night, but that was years ago. I know you hated them so much but you have to let it go"
"I cant...I wont" you said looking into his eyes, "I can't forgive them for all the pain they caused!" you said loudly, you felt a tear slide down my cheek. you looked down and you felt depression flood over you. Itachi pushed you inside the room lightly and closed the door behind him. leaving the room dark.
"You don't have to forgive them, just forget them" he told you, you looked up to see his face, the room was dimly lit but you were still able to see he eyes. He wiped your tears and then you felt him hold both my hands in his.
"But, I've been forgetting them..."
"No you haven't, and that's because they were your only family", you stood there their quiet, you closed your eyes trying to find your true thoughts and feelings. Then you felt a pair of lip on yours, you instantly melted in the kiss and you that's when you felt it, the one feeling you've always wanted to feel for years. You felt alive! Your lips slowly parted and you opened your eyes. Itachi's forehead was on yours. "But we can make a new family" you inwardly gasped.
"But we cant unless-", you were interrupted by Itachi's lips. When you two parted he looked at you deeply.
"I know", You then turned him and with in a year you had a baby girl you named Serenity.

What they think of you:
Naruto: she is strong and very gothic!
Sasuke: I hate her! Now how em I supposed to kill Itachi!
Deidara: I don't like her! she dosent belive in art!
Hidan: I respect her...
Kisame: I love Serenity, but I don't know Raven that well though, but Itchi sure is happier with her.
Kakuzu: I hate her she says Money aint anything! HMPH!
Nagato: I accept her pain as my own pain. we are close friends, and Serenity has became part on the Akatski family.
Sasori: she is scary but I secretly like her...don't tell Itachi!
Itachi: I care deeply for her and our little Serenity. Raven and I are ment to be, we both felt pain and now we share love!
Tobi: Tobi is scared of Raven! Tobi love playing with Serenity! Tobi a good boy?
Zetsu: she is nice but I stay out of her way.
Jugo: who?
Suigetsu: that hot dark chick? Oh she is powerful!
Sai: She is very interesting, I wonder why she only comes out at night?
Sakura: I hate her! She always knocks me out when we fight!
Hinata: s-she is real-ly strong and s-scary but she dose l-look cute with I-Itachi-san
Kurenai: she is heartless and dangerous!
Ino: who?
Tenten: I saw her once it was night, she looked really scary!
Konan: We are good friends, I tell her everything!
Karin: who?
Lady Hokage: She is very dangerous, I wonder why she dosnt age?

I hope you like it is my first one shot!

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