Can You See This???

the image is blind and love is unfaithful so can you do all this and more for the one you love????
this story or poem, whatever you want to call it is what everyone wants basically and just how they want to be treated in love.
please read and leave a comment :)

Chapter 1

What Do You See???

can you see the world around you???
do you see whats infront of you???
do you know how much she is hurting???
do you even care???
obviously not!

she cares for you and everything you do,
she is there no matter what and if she isnt with you then she isnt far away,
she loves you with her heart and more
and would do anything for the one she loves.

she wants the best for you and her,
she wants to be happy, not sad,
she wants to be treated right,
to be spoken to and heard,
to be his and only his,
and even more to him than he is to her.

do you care now??
can you face her and do all this???
can you even try to???

you want what is best for you,
you want to be respected,
you dont want to be lied to,
you dont want to be hurt,
to be crushed or played,
and you want to be everything to one special person.

she wants that to and even more.

she cares and she always will,
lie and she'll know,
hide something and she'll find it,
crush her and she will crush you back.
you cant hurt the one you love,
no matter what the reason.

so now do you care for her??
can you say you love her and mean it?
please say you can??
or you have played her heart.


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