Just finished TBAC, so I'm starting this! I've never written in a boy's POV, so wish me luck. Now what are you doing reading this intoduction, read the story!

Chapter 1

The Reaping.

All females are insane. Really, they are. My proof: My mother and sister.

"But I love this dress!" Caroline screamed at my mother.

"It's terrible! Now change!" My mother screamed right back at her. Who fights over dresses? They all kind of look the same to me anyways. Not that I would tell them this. Then they'd kill me. And I'd be, you know, dead.

So where do I spend all of my time, if not with these insane people called my family? Answer:The Training Center. Where I have spears and swords and the promise of victory, with other people with a drive to win. Like Clove Readson. She is currently the only female who I don't think is compleatly insane. She's just a little insane. Not that I'd tell her this. I've seen her with knives. She could kill me from across the block.

Most people find that off putting. I think it's awesome. Which is why, with a few other reasons, I've had a small, temoparary, practiclly non exsistant crush on her. For the past five years. Caroline says that's 'denile'. But I'm not admitting that I don't like her. I'm just saying I don't like her that much....

Ok, this is un-manly and unlike me. Fact: Clove Readson does weird things to my head.

"Hurry up Caroline!" I yelled at her through her door.

"Shut up Cato!" She yells back. She has lungs. A lot of lungs. And air.

I'm just going to leave. Not like they give a shit. I leave the house, which isn't that far from twon square, where we hold the Reaping. Clove and I made a pact. I'm going to voulenteer this year, and she's voulenteering next year. That's what we said. Then we both win, and then we don't know what happens next. I'm hoping that she'll realize that 'Oh, Cato likes me!' while she's in her arena. And then we'll have one of those endings like in those sappy books Caroline reads. Which are stupid.

I make it to the square, and I walk into the section for sixteen year old boys. I spot Clove in a ring of her friends. She turns around, sees me, and waves. I wave back to her as Claude walks over to me.

"You still like her?" Claude asks.

"Oh yeah." I say.

"Of course." He sighs.

"Shut up." I glare at them.

"You ready to voulenteer?" He questions.

"Yeah." That is a lie. I'm not ready to go into the arena, and spend a month without him, Clove, and even my sister. I'll admit it, I'm probably going to miss her. Or maybe not.

Mayor Carson walks onto stage and begins the boring speech. Clove turns towards me and makes a face that's our code for "This teacher/parent/any adult is boring as hell. You want to dis this and train?". Or at least that's how I interpet it. I make a face back.

Mayor Carson eventually shuts up, which I'm thankful for.Then Jox, our overly green escort, pops onto stage. His whole body is lime green, and he's what Clove calls a creeper. I don't blame her, this dude is creepy.

"Ladies first!" He pipes out as he puts his hand in the Reaping ball.

"Clove Readson!!" He shouts out. Clove walks on stage, looking like a very evil queen. With an awesome smirk. It took her six weeks to teach me how to do that, and the were possibly the funniest six weeks of my whole life. Really, I mastered it on week two, but I like watching her try to teach me stuff. When I got sick of it, I just showed her that I've mastered her boss facial expression.

He calls up some guy named Tyler Tensoyn, who, from what I remember, sucks at everything. Clove refuses voulenteers.

"Any voulenteers for Tyler?" He asks. I run up to the stage.

"Ah yes. And what's your name?" He asks, obviously reliaved that he might be looking at a winner.

"Cato Malone." I say confidently. I sound cocky to my own ears.

"Say hello to your tributes, District Two. Cato Malone and Clove Readson!" He shouts. I shake Clove's hand, and I give her a smile. I hope she knows I won't, and can't kill her.

I have a lot of weaknesses. Clove has told me that I can get so foucsed on one thing,it's ridiculous. She also says I'm stubborn, which I have to agree with. But my biggest weakness? My one fault? The one thing that brings me to my knees?

Clove Alice Readson, and that is a fact that will never change.

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