I'm Going To Apologize in Advance

Chapter 1


All right, this is the point in the year where stress takes over. I'm not going to be on as much. Here are the reasons why:

1) I'm slammed busy.
Basically, it's that busy time of year. Apparently, once Halloween ends, BAM! It's Christmas. LAME! Plus, I have Science Fair, which I've hardly started. I also have rehearsals for Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat for my church choir. They're every day now, because the performance is getting closer and closer.

2) Damn Kitchens...
We're redoing our kitchen. My mom is insane, doing this before Christmas and Thanksgiving, I know. It requires us to relocate our kitchen temporarily to our living room, which requires time and child labor. Ya-hoo.

3) NaNoWriMo
I know I won't finish by the end of this month, but I want to get as close to 50,000 words as I can, and post it on Quibblo as I finish chapters. So, that'll consume time.

4) English
We're writing mysteries. Mysteries are hard to write. Blah.

5) Me ish sad.
I'm going through a down in my life right now. I'm kind of depressed. Not severely, but y'know. So, even if I seem upbeat and peppy, I'm rather upset.

6) Um.... I dunno. :]
That's all! It'll be better after Joseph is over, even better once Christmas is outta the way. Au revoir, my fine friends.


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