Sky Wings (read the info)

Sky Wings (read the info)

This is a re-make of Wings. Hope this does better. Please ask your friends to read this, your mom, your dad, your favorite hobo, a less liked hobo, just please help me get this story out there! :3 Oh and enless I get at lest 3 comments per-chapter I'm not writing the next. So enless you want these poor angel teens to have their story untold. Then please comment!

Chapter 1


Name- Thalia Bazil (Thalia)
Hair- Long silky brown
Eyes- Ambery hazel
Wings- Black eagle wings with a purple sheen
Home- A casual up-town apartment (in a cloud) roomates with Abby and Azuri
Type- Flighter
Best friend- Aurora Bella (Abby) and Azuria Boria (Azuri)
Sarcastic and fun, Thalia is excellent with a sword. ;)

Name-Azuria Boreia (Azuri)
Hair- Long, wavy, white.
Eyes- Hazel
Wings-Folded over, white with a sky blue and baby pink sheen and soft feathers.
Home-A casual up-town apartment (in a cloud) roomates with Abby and Thalia
Type-Gardian to Edric
Pet-Flying unicorn named Mika
Best friend-Aurora Bella (Abby) and Thalia Bazil (Thalia)
Bubbly and fun, Azuri's always ready for an adventure! :D

Name- Aurora Bella (Abby)
Hair- shoulder length, black
Eyes- Brown
Wings- Black, small and silky fethers
Home- A casual up-town appartment (in a cloud) roomates with Azuri and Thailia
Type- Gardian to Zach
Pet- Black and white cat with wings named Zorro
Best friend- Azuria Boria (Azuri) and Thalia Bazil (Thalia)
Crazy and fun, Abby is surely the wild child. :)

Name- Edric Bennit (Edric)
Hair- White semi-long
Eyes- Dark brow, almost black
Wings- Eagle wings, thin fethers
Home- Down-town condo (in a cloud) roomates with Zach
Type-Flighter (Azuri for a Gardian)
Pet- Little red dragon named Techno
Best friend- Zach Arnolds (Zach)
Out going and sweet, Edric is the best friend you can ask for. :3

Name- Zach Arnolds (Zach)
Hair- Blond, kinnda messy
Eyes- Brown/green
Wings-Black bat-like, no feathers
Home- Down-town condo (in a cloud) roomates with Edric
Type- Flighter (Abby for a Gardian)
Pet- Flying Pit Bull named Smugy
Best friend- Edric Bennit (Edric)
Sporty and smart, Zach can be a jerk sometimes. ;)

Name- Mika
Look-Light blue fur and folded over, white with a sky blue and baby pink sheen wings with soft feathers.
Pet- Azuri
Best friend- Zorro

Name- Zorro
Look- Black and white fur and black, bat-like wings and silky fethers
Best friend-Mika

Look-Red scales with a yellow sheen, Eagle wings with thin feathers
Best friend-Smugy

Look-green fur with green bat-like wings
Best friend-Techno

Setting- Avalon is a city in the clouds. All buldings look like clouds to blend in with the sky. In Avalon, 3 types of angles (Gardians, Flighters, Woriors) live. Everyone in Avalon is between the ages of 6 and 19. Gardians protect and heal thier Flighters. Woriors just fight. But Avalon hadn't sent Woriors to fight in about 1,000 years

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