A Poem (please read)

A Poem (please read)

my first poem so bare with me lolx i just rlly felt like getting thiz out and wat better way to get your feelingz of sadness out than through a poem!

comment and rate if you think it was good (wel evn if itz not good comment) btw it's true everything on it is true

Chapter 1

I've been thinking

I've been thinking
About friends
Who are the real ones?
I've asked myself this question
Many times before
The answer was always easy
But now I'm not so sure
I feel so alone
If you were about to snap a pic
Of all the girls in class
And I was not there
Would you look for me?
If a different girl was not there
Would you look for them?
I feel as though my friends aren't friends
Yes, we talk sometimes
But how often?
If you have a plan
You do not speak of it to me
Did I do something wrong?
What can I do
To have my friends back
The ones outside of school
Can never come and play
The ones at school
I have already explained
I feel more attached to seventh graders
Than I do to eighth
Who have I known longer?
Eighth graders
Should I feel the way I do?
If I don't feel happy
Do you know?
Probably not
If another eighth grader feels unhappy
Do you know?
Who chooses to sit next to me?
To talk and be with me?
No one
Especially if it's just me
I am chosen last
No one cares
I feel alone
And I've been thinking
About friends
Who are the real ones?


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