Life is Full of Surprises( Harry Potter love story) Part 44

Okay guys part 44!!! I made you wait for so long for the last one, so I thought I would update quickly to make it up to all of you :) Hope you enjoy it tell me what you think.

Chapter 1

The Biggest Mess of Them All

You walked towards Umbridge's classroom dreading every step getting you closer. You sighed as you reached the door and pulled it open. You entered looking around the dark classroom and then spotting her at her desk. " You're late." She said without lifting her head. " Actually I'm five minutes early." You said cooly. " Are you questioning me again?!" she said in shrill voice giving you the death stare. " Of course not." you said showing absolutely no emotion. You would not give her the satisfaction of getting to you. " Sit down and get out a piece of parchment." She ordered and you obeyed. As you pulled out your parchment, you were surprised to see Harry walk into the room. And from the look on his face he seemed to be just as surprised. " Sit down and get out some parchment the two of you will be doing lines tonight." Umbridge instructed Harry. " No over there." She pointed to the other side of the room as Harry went to go sit next to you. Umbridge gave you both quills and told you to write " I must not tell lies " . " But how are we supposed to write without ink?" Harry asked. " Just start writing and you'll see." Umbridge said giving the both of you an evil smile. " How many lines?" You asked. " Until it.. sinks in..." Umm okay then you thought.

You began to write as your neat handwriting started to appear in red ink. What? There was a burning sensation in your hand and then intense pain. You gasped as ' I must no tell lies' was being sketched into your hand. You felt sick as you realized that you were writing in your own blood. Harry realized at about the same time and you looked at him as he gasped in pain. " Is everything okay?" Umbridge asked sweetly. " Peachy" You replied not looking at her and continuing to write.

A little passed midnight Umbridge had decided you had both enough for the night. You left the classroom with Harry and when you were far enough away you let a couple of tears escape and run down your cheeks. " How many more nights do you have?" Harry asked looking at your hand. " Three more." You sniffled. You walked into the common room luckily it was empty as you began to cry. You didn't know if it was the fact that you were extremely tired or that you were in pain, but you just couldn't stop crying. Harry sat you down on a couch and you cried into his shoulder. After a while you sat up, pulling yourself together and wiping away a few stray tears. " Sorry about your shirt." you mumbled to Harry noticing how damp his shoulder was now. " It'll dry don't worry about it." Harry said smiling at you " Is there anything you want to talk about?" You shook your head " Not right now."

Seamus P.O.V

I walked down to the common room, I swear I just heard ____ 's voice. I really need to talk to her and fix things from this morning or I guess yesterday morning, since it's a 12:45. I entered the common room to see ___ wiping the tears from her eyes and Harry sitting on the couch next to her. Her eyes were puffy and red and I felt a pang in my heart as the guilt set in that this could have been caused by me. I took a step closer and she looked up at me. She quickly stood up, muttering something to Harry, and quickly went up the girls' staircase. Harry stood up and noticed me. A frown quickly appeared on his face. Oh god she must have told him. Panicing I asked " Is she okay?" " She's fine, but I don't really see how this concerns you Seamus." He said giving me the cold shoulder. " Of course it concerns me! She's my girlfriend." the second it left my mouth I regretted it. What have I just done. " Excuse me what did you just say!?" Harry said turning to face me. The look on his face was anything but pleasant. " Nothing." I said quietly looking down. " No I'm pretty sure you just said my sister was your girlfriend." Harry stepped towards me, fire in his eyes.

Normal P.O.V.

That a hole probably thought I was crying about him, you thought angrily. You were making your way up to your room when you heard yelling coming from the common room. Oh no, you thought and quickly started running back down the stairs. When you made it back to the common room you saw Harry and Seamus face to face and it looked like Harry was about to kill him. " What is going on? People are going to hear you two." you said coming near them hoping to break up any fight they were having. " Oh good ___ your hear. Maybe you can solve this for us. Seamus here says you're his girlfriend, is that true?" Harry asked. Oh god, this was a mess.


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