Marauders?...JaJaJa...More Like Maraudetts (continued)

The original person that had created this story deleted. So me, and the other two writers are going to continue from her. I don't think we'll be including Remus Lupin's girl unless someone would like to play her. If you would like to, send me your info and I'll pick someone. The person I pick, I'll friend request. Thanks!

I'll also be starting with the last chapter typed.

Link to original story:

Chapter 1

Madison/Viper's POV

by: xBVBx
"PARKER!" I yelled. I rushed down from the stands, only to be blocked by some of the staff.
"Let me through!" I yelled, but they pushed me back. I didn't know where all the other Maraudetts were, heck I didn't know where the Marauders were, all I knew was that Parker was unconscious on the Quidditch field and I couldn't get to her.
"Madison, come on! They'll help her!" I heard a familiar voice behind me, and I felt Venus grab my wrist and drag me away. Once we were out of the passage area, I turned to look at V and Cat.
"Do you think she'll be okay?" I asked.
"Parks is tough." Brooke said.
"Yeah, nothing a little magic can't fix." Venus added. I looked at my feet. Great, now two of my friends were in the Hospital Wing.
"We'll go visit her once they... You know, get her off the sand." Cat suggested. V and I nodded, then headed back to the castle in silence.

"Whatdoyouwant?" I mumbled as Peter came up behind me. He sat on the other end of the couch with a sigh.
"Just seeing if you were alright." He said simply.
"I wasn't the one who fell of their broom." I said grumpily. He nodded, both of us staring at the fire.
"You sure do have a lot of drama in your life." He commented, gaining a scoff from me.
"You have noooo idea." I said matter-of-factly. There was an odd silence after that.
"So are Brooke and Venus already-" Peter began.
"Yeah. I decided to wait for those three idiots taking half-hour-showers." I said, once again angry at James, Sirius, and Remus. They took longer than me to get ready! Sheesh!
"Okay, we're done." James said as they came down the stairs. I stood up, glaring angrily at him.
"About time!" I snapped. He looked around.
"Where are-" He started.
"Brooke and Venus? Oh, they left... twenty minutes ago!" I said crossly. James rolled his eyes.
"Well, let's go then." He said, shoving past me.
"Did we take that long?" Asked Sirius as he passed.
"Yes." I hissed. Remus walked by next and was about to open his mouth when I covered it with my hand. "Say anything Loony and I'm not helping you with Brooke." I said. He nodded and I brought my hand back.
"C'mon then!" James called, already out the portrait hole. He, Sirius, and Remus rushed off, leaving Peter and I to go alone.
"Ready?" Peter asked, standing up.
"I was ready before those idiots started putting their make-up on." I said sourly. Peter chuckled, then held out his hand, as if expecting me to take it. His big brown eyes softened my blue ones, and I slowly, cautiously, and almost nervously slipped my small hand into his own.

"How are you, Parks?" I asked as Peter and I slipped into the Hospital Wing. The Marauders and Maraudetts were in mid-laugh when we came in, and when Parks looked over at Peter and I she gave us a funny look. I realized with a jolt I was still holding his hand. I turned to him with a smile.
"Thanks for helping me through that crowd of people, Pettigrew." I said, dropping his hand. His eyes twinkled mischievously.
"Anytime, Tichenor." He responded, then we walked over to Parks' bed.
"Feeling alright?" I repeated. She nodded.
"Yeah, just a bit tired." She answered. I smiled.
"I can imagine." I said sympathetically. After about five minutes of talking and laughing, I dismissed myself for a moment to go see Severus on the other side of the Hospital Wing.
"Hey." I said as I came up. He smiled, sitting on the top of his blankets.
"Hi." He said. I sat next to him.
"You getting out today?" I asked. He sighed in relief as if I'd just reminded him.
"Yeah, finally." He said. His face got serious and he looked at the ground. "I'll probably be back here in a few weeks because of Potter, though."
I grumbled. Out of all the Marauders, I hated Sirius most (Only because he... Well, did it with my best friend), but James came at a close second. "He touches you again and I'll personally murder him." I said, making Sev chuckle.
"Thanks. Well, I think Lily's coming in a little bit, so could you-?" He started. I laughed.
"Scram? Yeah, yeah, don't bother even asking. Make sure to kiss 'er for me!" I teased, getting up.
"Shut up, Maddie!" He said. I laughed then went back over to the rest of my friends. It looked like Brooke and Remus had left- Probably arguing again, I noted- along with Sirius and Venus- He'd better not touch her. James was lying on the bed with Parks who was dozing off, and Peter was leaning in the doorway, looking out into the hallway. I walked over to him and sighed, also looking at the hall.
"It's strange seeing it so quiet." I commented. I felt Peter's gaze on me and I turned my head to him, smiling.
"You know, Sirius is the only one getting any action with the ladies." He joked. I rolled my eyes.
"Would you like some?" I teased back. His eyes went wide. I laughed inwardly, then leaned over and gave him a kiss on the cheek.
"And that's as far as you're getting tonight." I said in a quiet voice before strutting away in my fashion-model type walk.

"Peter and Madison..." Loony-Moony was whisper-singing in the common room that night as we sat next to each other on the couch.
"Stop it, Moony!" I hissed.
"Under the Whomping Willow tree..."
"K-I-S-S-" He tried to spell out before I pushed him off the sofa. "OOF!" He huffed out. I giggled and used him as a foot rest while he was down. He got up and sat on me.
"Gonna play this game, are we?" He joked around. I tried to wriggle free, but he was heavy! I laughed, and tried to shove him off again.
"Remus... Are you sitting on Madison?" I heard Peter behind us. I swiveled my head to him and laughed.
"Help me, Peter!" I said, and he came over, just standing in front of Remus and I, portraying his chair.
"What's up, Wormtail?" Remus said, purposely moving his butt.
"Arg! Remus!" I wheezed. Just then the portrait hole swung open and in came James, Sirius, Brooke, and Venus. They looked at us, and Remus gave them a cheeky smile.
"Why?" V asked simply. Remus put his hands behind his head, elbows resting on mine.
"Why not?" He shot back.
"Because I'm not a chair!" I suggested, and he finally got off and went to the arm chair. Peter sat beside me, Brook sat beside Peter, and James sat on the coffee table with Sirius and V.
"I'm not even going to ask why that happened." V giggled. Brooke, however, seemed ticked. I sighed. That, I believed, was my fault.

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