Kuroshitsuji [Wing of Darkness] Black Butler

Kuroshitsuji [Wing of Darkness] Black Butler

The main character's name is Alice Nightlight, she's a Shinigami of origin, a Shinigami Princess to be exact. Alice is currently working for the Phantomhive family as a maid and is quite interested in Sebastian, though she places herself higher than Demons. Alice hates everything that's pure and also dislikes cats. But she loves gross and occult stuff and especially loves dogs.

Chapter 1

The guest who skipped desert

"Ohayo gozaimasu, bocchama." I greeted master Ciel when he came down with Sebastian. "Ohayo." He greeted back in his usual cold tone. "Did the young master had a good sleep?" I asked. "Fair enough." He replied. I smiled. "Ah, isn’t that wonderful? I wouldn't like it if my master would have a bad night." I said. "Alice?"
"Hai, Sebastian?"
"Don't you have any other work to do?" I looked up at the ceiling. "I cleaned the main hall, prepared the breakfast table, sorted the books in the library, cleaned up the chess game from last night, oh, and there was this nasty cat stuck in the chimney. Don't know how that one got in. Anyway, I already have done all my tasks that I had to do. The rest is up to you, Sebastian." I said smiling. "Very good, Alice. Finny?"
"Why isn't the lawn mowed yet?"
"Ah well..."
"Meirin, what happened to those sheets you had to iron?"
"Bard, why aren't you preparing dinner?"
"Um, you see..."
"Tanaka-san… you are fine the way you are."

Sebastian sighed deep. "We have a guest coming by today. We can't welcome him here when the manor is in a state like this, can we?" He asked. "No…" The threesome replied. "So you better get onto your job quickly!" Sebastian glared at them and the three sprinted away. "Ne, what should I do next?" I asked. "Prepare the game board." The young master replied. "As you wish, bocchan." I bowed and excused myself.

But as I stepped outside the dining room, those three were already making one scene after another. I clapped my hands. "Okay, minna-san. If you are enjoying yourselves like this, I'm sure your tasks are finished?" I asked. They turned white. "Ara? They aren't?" I asked. "Alice-chan… the garden. I messed it up." Finny said, tears streaming down his cheeks. "I accidentally broke the porcelain service." Meirin said with a beam red face. "I screwed dinner up again." Bard admitted.
I shook my head. "Oh no! There is a guest coming by today. We can't possibly welcome him like this." I said, repeating Sebastian's words. "I have no choice but to report this to Sebastian." I said. "NO!!!"
"What is all that noise here?"
"SEBASTIAAAAAAAN!!!!!" The threesome yelled shocked. "Sebastian, it would seem that everything won't be prepared in time for the guest's arrival since there are some minor problems." I said. He sighed deep and then looked at Tanaka, who was drinking a cup of tea. He then grabbed his pocket watch.

"We still have two hours left. We can make it. Finian, rearrange the garden into a Japanese stone garden, Bard, you'll make beef tataki, Meirin, go get Japanese service and Alice."
"Prepare everything for dinner in the garden."
"Okay! Ah! But before that I still have to do what the young master requested me!" I turned my back and left for the master's office.

While I was preparing the table for dinner, Finny was busy with the garden, which became a lot prettier. "Ah, it’s a good thing I kept my stone collection with me." He said relieved that he made it on time. I smiled. "You did a great job, Finny.” I said. He started to blush. "A-Arigatou…" He said. "Well, I'm done here. Keep up to good work, Finny." I said and went back inside.

When I encountered Sebastian in the kitchen, Meirin came running down the hall with a pile of boxes in her arms, calling out Sebastian's name. But she tripped and it would seem that the boxes will fall but Sebastian was quick enough to catch them. The last box fell in my hand. "Meirin! Be careful. Those Japanese services are very expensive." I said stern. "G-Gomen nasai, Alice-san!" She said excusing. I smiled. "No worries. You were lucky that Sebastian was here." I said and threw the box I had in my hand on the pile on Sebastian's hand. He grabbed his pocket watch again. "We're right on schedule. Alice, it is almost time for the guests arrival, please go prepare yourself." I looked wondered at him. "Eh, nande?" I asked. Sebastian gave me that stern look. I knew what he meant. I looked angry. "That dress makes my behind look too big!" I hissed and went to the front door, awaiting our guests arrival.

Our guest, Damian, was the head of one of the young master’s factories. He came by to discuss something. But I knew that he was about to go through a disastrous evening that would result in his death.

Me and Sebastian greeted our guest, who was impressed by the garden. "I'll give your regards to our gardener." I said. Afterwards, we leaded him to the lobby, where master Ciel was awaiting him. 'Oh? I see. So that’s how they are going to play it today.' I smiled. 'My, my. those two have such a refined taste of dealing with useless things.' I thought amused, understanding how the evening was going to be. I excused myself afterwards.

Dinner was made, and I guided the young master and our guest to the dining table in the garden. Sebastian served the beef tataki. Both looked at it flabbergasted. "Is this dinner?" Damian asked. "Yes. It is a popular dish in Japan." Sebastian said. Afterwards, he told Meirin to serve the wine. But she was so with her head with Sebastian that she poured the wine on the table clothing. "Ahh!! She going to ruin it!" Finny exclaimed. A drop of wine was about to fall on our guests pants, but Sebastian pulled the table clothing from underneath the table. "Eh? I was sure there was a table clothing here." Damian said. "It was stained so I let it remove." The young master replied. "Be careful next time." He then said towards me. "I will. I'm sorry for my lack of attention." I said. "I will clean it immediately, bocchama." I said and took the table clothing over from Sebastian.

After I removed the wine stain, I went to serve tea in the lobby where master Ciel and our guest were continuing the game they were playing. But before I arrived, I saw the guest leaving. "I brought you some tea, bocchama." I said and poured it in the porcelain cup. The young master took a sip from it. "What the...?! What is this?" He asked angry. "It's Italian tea. I thought it would be in flavor with our guest." Sebastian said. "Should I make other tea for you, bocchama?" I asked. "Yes. This stuff is unbearable to drink." He replied. "I totally agree, bocchama." I said smiling and took his cup away from him. I excused myself and left the lobby.

I was in the kitchen, making some other tea for the young master. I looked at the clock and smirked. "Oh my. Is it already that late? I better prepare our guest's death." I said and turned on the oven. "Burn down in hell, huh? A fitting end." I laughed. "What are you laughing about?" Sebastian asked. "Sebastian! Don't scare me like that, meany!" I said pouting. "Alice."
"Hai, hai. I was just laughing when I thought about what a wonderful evening we're having." I said. Sebastian smirked. "Ee. Very wonderful." He said. "Well, I better get this tea to our lord. Oh and if I were you, I should check on your dessert. I think it misses something.” I said and left with a smile.

"Here's your tea, bocchama." I said and gave him his porcelain cup. "Much better." He said after taking a sip. I smiled. "I'm glad it pleases you." I said. "Ne, Alice."
"Hai, bocchama?"
"Can you sing the song of the devil?" Master Ciel asked with a smirk. I bowed "Yes, my lord." I said and sat in front of him on the ground.

[I wanted to use Kuro no Tsubasa from Miku Hatsune for the song but I decided not to put the text in]

"Bocchan, is seems that our guest has left." Sebastian said after I had ended my song. 'Then I guess it's my turn to shine.' I stood up. "Eh? How rude! He skipped dessert." I said with an angry look. "Whatever. He was out on my money anyway." The young master said. "And he was so rude towards you, bocchama." I said. "Alice, instead of complaining, go clean the mess that our guest made in the hall." Sebastian said. "Hai!" I ran outside the room.

"Meirin, Sebastian wants you to clean the mess our guest made." I said when I encountered her in the hall. "Eh?! But I had to…"
"Are you going to neglect an order from Sebastian?" I asked with a fake surprised look. "IIE!!! I'm going to do it right away!" Meirin said shocked and rushed away. 'That’s one thing, now that pig.'

I ran outside, turning into my Shinigami form. It didn't took long before I had found our lost guest. "Oh my, you don't look well. Didn't our hell of a butler treat you nice?" I asked when I appeared before him. His leg was twisted and he looked like he literally had been in Hell… where he was about to wind up anyway.

He looked frightened at me. "W-What are you?" He asked with a trembling voice. "Me? I'm the punisher to everyone who has insulted, embarrassed or hurt my master. Are you ready to die?" I asked with a smirk. "I-IIE!!!" My smirk became wider. "Die!!"
"MAMA MIA!!" Before me appeared his Cinematic Records. "Yeah, yeah. Whatever. He's going to hell anyway so get on with it. Bye-bye, okyakusama." A loud yell escaped from his mouth before he fell dead on the ground. I clapped my hands. "And that's another." I said and turned back in my human for. "I better go back to the mansion. It's almost the young master's bedtime." I said and walked back to the mansion.

[Chapter one ends here]

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