I need a title but please read my story

Hey here is a story and it will be a short one so I really hope you enjoy this story it just came to me one day and so I decided to just write it down and post it.

Chapter 1


School, what joy note the sarcasm I mean the only thing that keeps me in that school are my dreams, friends, and my crush. "Sara make sure you take a sweater it’s cold outside!" yelled my mom "OK mom I will!" When I was walking out to the bus I stopped my head started to hurt, a couple minutes passed and it stopped so I just kept going. Well I guess you want to know about me well, my name is Sara Monique Marquez, I'm 5'2, 13 years old, and YES I am a 8th grader!, I have a average body but I don't know why I think it's from P.E. that I'm losing weight, I have curly brown hair, and green eyes I have glasses also and I'm not hot looking or sexy but I'm not ugly either my family is my mom, dad, Adrea, and Jade my 2 little sisters . My friends are Amy, Cyrena, Cecilia, Shannon, Maria, Roger, Ernest, Turtle, Michael, and Sam (my crush). When I got to the bus stop I was early, like usual, but the guy I hated the most, Adam, was ALWAYS their first. "ugh why is he always here 1st." I whispered. 5 minutes later another kid came then Angelique then Michael, Sam, then another guy. All of a sudden i felt a horribly sharp pain that felt like i was being stabbed "AW! That hurts!" I said clutching my head "Sara are you OK?" Asked Sam, Turtle, and Angelique All of a sudden the pain was gone again and I felt fine like nothing ever happen. "Uh… yeah I’m fine it’s just my head started to hurt." "Look, the bus is here.".... A couple minutes later when we were on the bus the pain came again, and then I felt something hit me across my face, when I looked back I knew exactly who it was Adam and his retarded friends all of a sudden my blood started to boil I just wanted to KILL him! Wait what, kill him I’ve never said anything like that all of a sudden the same thing hit me again without knowing it I got out of my seat, the bus stopped, and the next thing I knew I was at the bus door trying to get out but she wouldn’t open the door. "Open the door!" I yelled. All she did was stare I mean people are really getting on my nerves today so I pushed open the doors. When I looked back Sam, and Michael was running after me they were right on my heels but I ran faster. About 15 minutes later I was in a field with nothing around, but the mountains and more land with nothing on it. "Sara! What are you doing, and what's the matter with you?" Said Sam, but then I smelled something, something I’ve never smelled before it smelled like a forest, like an earthy musky smell, but smelled like an animal. "What's that smell?" "What smell?" asked Sam "It smells like an animal, like a wolf." How did I even know it was a wolf I must be going crazy "You smell that?" "Yeah, do you?" "Does it smell…almost human like?" asked Michael I breathed in the air and focused on the scent and I did smell something human, but I couldn’t make it out. "Yes, I do why?" "I know what's going on, but you might want to sit down." "Why I don't faint, and I might never faint." "OK, then, well you're a, well you're a werewolf." When he said that everything froze it was like time had stopped, but kept moving without me seeing it. "I'm a, I'm a, a, werewolf." "Yes, you are and you're the only girl werewolf in the whole entire world, and that means your great-great-great grandmother will come to visit you to tell you and your parents, and soon." "I'm a werewolf." I whispered "Why is being the only girl werewolf so special anyway?" "Well, every 150 years a girl werewolf is born and must rule all." "Rule all?" "Yes, as in rule all werewolves around the world, also the school you go to is a werewolf-and-human school." "So? What does that mean?" "It means your parent knew all along and your dad and grandfather and all before are werewolves. and that means it wasn’t your mothers choice to send you here, it was your fathers." "but that can’t be right, my mom wanted me to come here my dad only, only agreed to it I was there I heard it all. It was my mom's choice." All of a sudden they got on their knees they were,.. bowing but why? "Why hello my dear." What the-"wow" did I say that out loud she looked just like me but she was, was "beautiful." "why thank you I'm your great-great-great grandmother." 'But you look like you barely turned 30 how can you be my great-so on-grandmother?" "Thank you,but I am only 157 years old." "and you still look young." she giggled when she heard that "Anyway my dear I'm here to tell you about what and who you are and who you're pack is."

Well this is just a little taste of it and if you want more i need at least 5 comments also I really need a title and if you can think of one please tell me. THANK YOU!!


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