Little Fairy Times

Little Fairy Times

The lives of very familiar characters and roles with different backgrounds and adventures, all living in a small town called Faybridge.

Chapter 1

Fairy Time1.

Once Upon A Time…..

On the road driving along during the beginning of a new morning was a women and her daughter, with the car full with boxes and a moving van right behind. In the back seat Sophronia lying straight down on the seat, was waking up slowly with her pretty hazel eyes. “Mmmm?” Sophronia rubbing her eyes a bit looking at the window with sunlight shining in the car. “Don’t worry we are now entering to our new home” Ms. Diana Whittemore said driving with a smirk.

Sophronia happily was looking at the view; Faybridge was a lovely small town with brick buildings, restaurants, and a clock tower and some houses to Sophronia actually resemble castle with a good eye and imagination. The car soon stopped at a beautiful house with different flowers surrounding it and small cute wooden gate. “I love it!” Sophronia cheered and got out of the car excited and started to pick flowers to take inside in a vase.

Ms. Whittemore smiled and followed inside the house with her black bag. “That goes there, watch the wall with those, and don’t break the glass” Diana said instructing the moving men with the furniture and boxes. Diana went in the kitchen slicing up an apple in fours on a plate and headed out front outside. “There all done” Sophronia said sweetly as she put a small crown of flowers on her head with birds up a tree chirping. “Oh hello there” Sophronia smiled and bowed giggling. A bird flew onto her finger singing that made Sophronia amazed and stroke its head softly with another finger.

“Sophronia? There you are… I made this for you” Diana said with a smile holding up the plate of four pieces of a sliced apple. “Thank you mommy” Sophronia happily took it and sat on a blanket eating one at a time. “Don’t stay out too long” Diana rubbed Sophronia cheeks and went inside the house. Sophronia smiled and ate the last piece of the apple, starting to yawn and layed on her blanket.

A handsome little boy was walking pass the house with his bike and saw a glimpse of Sophronia and actually blushed with a smile. Sophronia began to get up only to froze a bit and shyly wave back at the boy. “Welcome to town flower princess” The boy said with a very cute smile and left waving. Sophronia blushed and watched him leave with the look of wanting him to return to her soon. Diana was in the basement in her private work place conducting experiments with her mysterious big old book.

Sophronia knocked on the door. “Mommy, can I help you cook tonight?” Diana quickly came out and smiled. “Of course sweetie, go get ready and I will teach you how to make a pie” Diana said and Sophronia went into the kitchen. Diana locked her basement door and put on a smile going into the kitchen. At night the same boy from earlier was in his window watching the night sky and smiled opening his window as a bird flew in and onto his shoulder. “Where did this come from?” The boy asked smiling as he took a red ribbon out the bird mouth…. ***

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