Hey! This is a chain bullying story. I want everyone who gets the chance to write a chapter to put something new! I just read one of these and I am reporting it but adding some more, or if now make new ones with the same idea!!! =->

Chapter 1


You know that kid who you always is nice to you, the one you just called a shy freak? Well now he's heartbroken.

You know that girl you just called a fatty? Now She has been starving herself for a week.

You know the kid you made fun of? Well Now he is taking it out on others. :-(

You remember that girl you laugh at all the time? Well she is ditching school today, and thinking about things such as cutting.

Do you remember that girl you just called anorexic? Well it's true, and you just made it worse.

You know that time you spread rumors about her? Well she already gets verbally abused at home. Now she crawls under her blanket and cries, thinking of who thought up these lies AWAY from home.

You know the kid you just called a loner? Well he has no one now that him mom died.

Remember that time some kid made fun of YOU ???? How bad you were hurt? How you wished it would stop? How you bullied those other kids because of it? Well soon they will bully just like you.

You see? With all the people you bully daily, you cry if it happens to you. Why bully?!? If you don't like how it feels, why do it to someone else? Hm? Stop.bullying. Everyday people are victimized, and this is a very serious thing. People who can't take it anymore could start cutting, or even commit suicide. It happens.

So now write your own chapter with information YOU have read or learned about. Together, if we try my fellow quibbloians, we can hep.

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