Random Facts 'Bout Rachi

Hehehhe. And by the way, I remade this (:

Chapter 1

22 Facts!

by: rachi221
1. It is raining outside my house now! It's a miracle!

2. I'm addicted to fudgesicles. They are just soooo yummehh (:

3. My tummy goes RAWR at the moment.

4. It's 12:18 at night where I live right now

5. I'm listening to the Summer Set, Taylor Swift, the A Very Potter Musical Soundtrack, Christina Perri, the Pierces, and Victoria Justice

6. I'm on my new laptop now! Yaaaaaaaaaaay!

7. My mommy has been grumpy with me lately....

8. I'm listening to Mannequin by the Summer Set on repeat now.

9. I'm going to marry Teagz's cousin Josh or her brother Jay, while she marries my cousin Josh and we can be related! Yaaaaaaay!

10. I'm writing a new story based off of the song Mannequin.

11. Robin Hood Men in Tights might be my favorite movie.

12. Coleyyykinz gotta a Quibblo/Quibbler! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! Does a happy dance

13. I started track Monday. It huuuuurrrrrts!

14. I've ran at about 7 miles this week.

15. I'm currently reading Son of Neptune

16. My birthday is on Monday! :D

17. My friends Abrie and Cassidy were pestering me today about what I wanted for my birthday Dx

18. I might get an iPhone 4s on Sunday for my birthday :))

19. I have a soccer game tomorrow! :D But, I'll probably die if I have to run too much. It hurts just to like walk around now.

20. I drew Ron Weasley and Harry Potter tonight. I'll probably post pictures tomorrow

21. I'm currently obsessed with JennaMarbles, brilliant YouTube comedian!

22. I'm really good at remembering birthdays! Cole's is 11/25, Teagz's is 06/09 (also 69 xD), Julie's is 01/30, Morgan's is 01/21, Taylor's is 03/08, and Jackie's is 09/11 (Yes, my friend's birthday is on September 11.) There's more, but I'm too lazy to type them all


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