I really need help so if you could take five seconds and read this that'd be awesome

thanks for reading... Most people just ignore these things...

Chapter 1


okay so I broke up with my boy friend two weeks ago and about four days after that he asks out one of my close friends... Then about five days after that he asks out another one of my close friends... After that a sophmore i barely know talks to him and says "You dated Danielle right?" he says "Yes" then she says "Are you trying to date all of her friends?" he stays silent but all of his friends around him say "Yes" So then to confirm he's trying to go out with all my friends my friends that he asked out goes and talks to his best friend and asks him "Is Alex (the name of the guy) trying to date all of Danielle's friends?" and he says "Truthfully I do think so" So then five days after that him and one of my best friends are dating and right now I'm sitting crying in my room trying to figure out why he would go around trying to date all of my friends after I did nothing to him and why my friend would say yes to him. Please help!


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