Rainy days

Rainy days

Remember those days when the rain seemed to penetrate your soul, remember the days when you splashed the rain with your feet. Remember the rippling sound as you went to sleep. The solemn noise as the rain slowly traced a route throughout your window. And by the alluring sound slumber came to you,slumber of peace sweet desire to hear. Rain enchants you dearly listening to it's sweet melody. Remember...?

Chapter 1

Gray clouds.

by: ZETA
* And so then the divisibility of y into x is ... *

Today will rain I know it will the clouds are up high."Sally,Sally..." I'm sure it will rain..."Sally...Sally! "Wh-what...?" As I look around there is my teacher Ms.Evergreen who is pointing her finger at me. As I gaze to the window I was distracted."Ye-yes Madam?" To even mention her name I tremble,---
"Sally as it seems you have your own business to attend to, stare at the window all day and not pay any attention to anything that comes out of my mouth, I suppose you have no idea of why I'm acknowledging you, is that right?"
"Hm-hmm...?" What is she talking about?---The whole class burst in laughter.
Ms.Evergreen melts me with her ray eyes I surely know I'm roasted.


Yup I knew it, I slowly exhale and get up from my desk with one last glance at the glass window. "You naggy old cow..." Oops did I say that out loud?

I slowly Glance at Ms.Evergreen to see her expression her pale and thin face becomes red in rage and I slowly exit to the front door. As I head through the hallway stepping as slowly as possible so I won't get there early, I begin to hear foot steps behind me the slow pitter patter of feet. Occasionally confusing them with the roughness of the wooden floors of this old school. But today they seem as if someone or something walks behind me,Quickly I turn around to acknowledge whoever or whatever walks behind me.


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