It's about this girl named Gwen and she meets Mindless behavior and they all end up liking her. But she gotta pick who she wanna date. Read the series to find out....

Chapter 1


Gwen: Mom when we gonna Leave?
Gwen's mom: Now let's go and get this over with
Gwen: Ok Mom
Gwen goes out to the car
Gwen:Hurry up, man
Gwen's mom: I'm not a man. You finna get smacked
Gwen:Sorry mommy
Gwen's mom gets in the car and pulls off
Gwen gets dropped off at Soda pop club
Gwen: Thanks mom. Bye Love you.
Gwen walks in and sees Mindless Behavior and walks back out
Gwen: O.M.G.E! Mindless Behavior!!!
Prodigy walks out
Prodigy:Everything ok?
Gwen: Oh my gosh Prodigy
Prodigy laughs
Prodigy: Hey lil missy
Gwen: Dang. Your so freakin... Hot.
Prodigy: Thanks You can come in
Gwen: I know, I'm stunned

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