Please please pleasssee read...

I don't know how many of y'all believe in God and such... But please take this to heart...

Chapter 1

My Mom...

Okay, so I'm not sure if y'all believe but I need to ask a favor of all of you.. If you would please pray for my mom... This is the 3rd time she has had breast cancer and this time its a stage 4 and its un-cureable... But they said it was maintainable... But that doesn't mean she'll survive just cause its maintaible... So if you would please pray things will look better and that I will get to stay with my mom... She is everything to me, she has been through it all with me ever since my dad did what he did... I couldn't really live without her... I love her so much.. Even when she does get on my nerves... She's going through a very tough time right now... And the 2nd time she lost her boob... Finding out you could die at any moment isn't a good thing to know... Please just pray.. Her name is Kathy... Thank you.


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