My Bucket List (:

I found an old bucket list I wrote from about 3 years ago. Alot of things are still the same, and there are things that I have actually done in the past 3 years. I'll still put them on here. So here they are. The things i want to do before I " Kick the Bucket" I'll add more as i think of them (:

Chapter 1

.... (:

I know most of these things, i won't be able to do. But hey, a girl can dream, right? These have no specific order, just random haha.

[]1. Go to England.

[]2. Go to walmart and spend 100$ on just candy.

[]3. Write a novel.

[X]4. Get stuck on a roller coaster.

[]5. Own a house ON the beach. Legit on the sand.

[]6. Donate alot of money to charity.

[]7. Go to Disney Land.

[]8. Go a whole week without talking. ( I don't know what i was thinking (: )

[]9. Sing karaoke in a bar. (?)

[]10. Get over 1000 friends on facebook. ( dang. )

[]11. Adopt a dog from a animal shelter.

[X]12. Watch the sunrise/sunset on the beach. ( prettiest thing i have ever seen.)

[]13. Get put on Scare Tactics. ( it's always been a dream of mine haha)

[]14. Know or keep in touch with at least one person after high school.

[]15. Eat a whole tub of ice myself. (:

[]16. Go LEGIT camping with friends.

[X]17. Write a GOOD song, one that i wouldn't mind sharing with people.

[]18. Swim with Dolphins (:

[]19. Go to Paris.

[X]20. Discover a mythical creature. ( i swear, i have seen bigfoot hahaha.)

[X]21. Eat nothing but Pizza for a week. ( it's gross, but that was a VERY busy week haha.)

[]22. Have an elderly person actually yell at me and tell me to get off her/his lawn. ( My life would be complete (: )

[]23. Get kicked out of giant. ( ? again. )

[]24. Change somebody's life. ( i feel this one is important. )

[X]25. Internally bruise something. ( tailbone :P )

[X]26. Actually FIND a animal, like off the side of the road, and keep it.

[]27. Meet a celebrity.

[]28. Learn how to skip rocks on water.

[X]29. Get over 10,000 texts in one month. ( mama wasn't too happy (: )

[]30. Have an ephiany. ( a HUGE realization of what life means, or some junk like that.)

[]31. Find 20$ on the street.

[]32. Go to Madagascar with scruffy. ( i was forced to add this. )

[]33. Go bungee jumping.

[]34. Get married to ther love of my life and NEVER get divorced.

[]35. Start a family.

[]36. Go skydiving. (:

[]37. Catch a homerun ball at a major league baseball game.

[X]38. (This one goes along with that one^) Be on the big screen at a baseball game.

[]39. Create my family tree.

[]40. Go scuba diving!

[]41. Make a message in a bottle and put it into the sea.

[]42. Master a type of martial arts. (S.I.N.G is not enough for me (: )

[]43. Ride in a hot air ballon.

[]44. Invent something that helps mankind in anyway.

[]45. Watch baby turtles hatch and swim away into the ocean. (Thank you, "The Last Song")

[]46. Save a life.

[]47. Walk the great wall of china.

[]48. Learn to meditate. (I hear it's peaceful.)

[]49. See the Northern Lights.

[]50. Watch a lighting storm from the sea. (may be dangerous, but it's worth it.)

[]51. Conquer my fears.

[]52. Say sorry to ones I have hurt.

[X]53. Have someone throw rocks at your window in the middle of the night, then go for a walk. (Thanks theo, (: )

[]54. Own a room with a view. (My room now would count, if there weren't houses in the way i could see the sunset clearly.)

[]55. Fall deeply into love - hoplessly and unconditionally. ( hahaha)

[]56. Sleep under the stars. (This seems really cool.)

[]57. Go on the highest roller coaster in the world.

[]58. Never having to say "he was the one that got away."

[]59. Travel the world.

[]60. Learn to surf. (I've ALWAYS wanted to do this(:)

[]61. Learn to play the piano & guitar.

[]62. Learn to snowboard! :P

[]63. Climb Dunn's Waterfall in Jamaica!

[]64. Go Zorbing (:

[X]65. Meet someone with the same birthday as me (:

[]66. Meet Lil Waynee <3 i don't care what haters say, he's the best.

[]67. Be in a play. (That would mean i have to conquer my fear of stage fright which is #51 soo maybe!)

[]68. Be kissed in the rain. (Thanks Taylor Swift (: )

[]69. Witness a eclipse!

[]70. Learn to fence :3

[]71. Be fluent in french, german, and sign language (;

[]72. Teach a little kid how to play an instrument. (I would have loved if someone taught me how to play an instrument when i was a kid!)

[]73.Visit the rainforest. (With all the little birdys and the little monkeys!)

[]74. Be able to recite everyline from the movie "Mean Girls". (This is random, but i'm halfway there!)

[]75.Drive down route 66 (:

[]76. Go on a Safari! :D

[]77. Discover what makes me TRULY happy. :)


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