Read If You Want. I Don't Effing Care.

Chapter 3

The Problem With Private Schools.

Don't get me wrong. Private school most definitely has it's perks. Then... There're moments I want to kick whoever invented it in the balls. So, I'm gonna make a list! ^.^

1) Religion is forced down your throat.
Yeah, see chapter one.... But yes, religion is forced down your throat, and you're constantly reminded that if you don't repent soon, we'll all go to hell! ^.^ How cheerful! Yeah... I don't think I wanna serve a God who sends everyone to hell....

2) ALL the kids are rich.
I'll admit it. I'm not as bad off financially as some people. My dad's a doctor, which is a recession-proof job. BUT there are always those people who flaunt there wealth. Like Carlee. Don't get me wrong, I like Carlee. Being in private school, you have to learn to ignore these things. But she's like, "Everyone at my church thinks I'm rich! Just because both my parents have a Lexus, I've lived in four high class neighborhoods in six years (her dad loves building houses. They move every year and a half, about), I have an iPad and a Blackberry and a guitar even if I don't know how to play it, I have three pairs of Uggs, a pair of Toms, ten pairs of tennis shoes (No. Freakin'. Joke.), and I live in a big fancy house, doesn't mean that I'm rich!!" I've been to Carlee's house. Yeah, she's rich. If you couldn't tell from all of the above. Also, one day she was like, "Oh, yeah, I should've been a child model!" ....I don't think I'll say anything on that matter. And she doesn't own a single pair of Converse. Seriously, she has room for three Uggs, Toms, and ten tennis shoes (oh, AND rain boots [even if it doesn't rain here] and cowboy boots) but no Converse?! Yeah, she's jacked up. You learn to ignore it all. >.<

3) Seriously, you mutter one word...
This is a Christian school. Trust me, no way is our entire school Christian. There are the devout people who pay attention in Bible (Kailee and Sloane), the people who are Christians but associate with non-Christians (Caroline), people who you think aren't Christians by the way they act but then volunteer to pray at every moment (Lauren and Lily), and then there are the non-Christians (me and Laura! WOO!). Oh, and the perverted boys who I know aren't Christian (Warner, Graham, Tyler, Austin... The list goes on.) But, around the devout people, you utter one thing such as something as simple as "I am so pissed off," or "Man, that smells like crap!" and they'll freak out on you. So yes. It sucks definite diaper, guys.

That's about it for now. Im sure as soon as I upload this I'll remember something I forgot to out. Typically how it happens.

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