Confessions of Love-A George Weasley love story:Chapter 10

alright chapter 10 WOOOOHOOOOOOO!!!! This is Quidditch practice then the Date and i promise!!!! its not gonna b like the purple hair thingy! anyways we have dicided to come online more and make more stories tht i hope u guys will injoy all the stories to come! So many people are deleting their accounts we will not be deleting account atleast not for a long time! And we are thinking of making a Fred Weasly love story what do u guys think?

Chapter 1

Quidditch Practice

The cold morning air tickled my nose. I grabbed my CleanSweep and headed to the other side of the Pitch where Fred and George were waiting for me. "Good morning," George said, kissing my forehead. "Hey," I said blushing. Im still getting used to having George as my boyfriend, since we have been only friends for so long. Randomly, George said, "I think it's funny how Freddie here doesnt have a girlfriend yet," Fred blushed. "That's not fair!" he said. "I might have one soon!" "Who, then?" I asked, smiling. Unexpectadly, George yelled, "FRED LOVES ANGELINA!' Fred gave George an evil look, and George took to the air on his broom. Fred followed. They did zig zag and loops in the air chaseing each other. Down on the ground, I was laughing and clutching my stomach. Then Oliver Wood, the Quidditch captain, yelled across the Pitch. "Oy! Get down here!" Fred and George landed beside me. "Sorry Oliver," they both said. "I would appreiciate it if you three stopped fooling around so I can start Quidditch tryouts." Oliver walked away and blew his whistle. Ron, Kat, Harry, McLaggen, Me, Fred, George, Angelina, and alot of others (mostly first years) flew to the center of the Pitch. "First will be Keepers. If you are wishing to try out for Keeper, please head up to the goal posts." Oliver pointed to the posts. Ron and McLaggen flew to the posts. McLaggen decided to go first. He saved 4 out of 5 and came down triumphant. "Good luck, Weasley," he sneered. Rons face was white. He slowly flew up to the goal post. I had saved 4 out of 5, and there was still one more to go. Kat had her fingers crossed, gazing up at Ron. Oliver flew in to try and score. Kat was now peeking through her fingers. Everyone seemed to hold their breath. Oliver threw the Quaffle....Ron saved it!!!! But...with his face. Everyone gasped. McLaggen smiled...then frowned. He still saved it!!! Once Ron landed, and seemed unhurt, everyone but McLaggen started cheering. Kat ran up and kissed him smack on the lips. Rons ears turned as red as his hair. Fred and George put their hands over their mouths in fake suprise. I smiled in sweet surprise. Oliver looked shocked, "Uh tryouts are uh over..."


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