How to: Achieve the Perfect Body

Chapter 1


So most of you girls clicked this because you want to have the perfect body. Let me tell you something: You already have it.

EVERYONE is beautiful, perfect and unique. EVERYONE is special in their own way.

And guess what? No one can beat you at it. Because only you can be you, and you're first-rate at it.

I, personally, am very unsure of myself. I started eating less, and put a lot of make up on, trying to make myself more beautiful. I hated myself. I've never had a boyfriend, and that added to my insecurity.

Things build up, and the bubble burst. I shut out a very good friend of mine, because I thought it was for the better.

It was only a couple of days later, when I clicked a link, that I realized how wrong I'd been, and how silly my behavior was.

The link sent me to, a site with a mission to help girls win over their insecurity. The owners of this website are not perfect people who have never experienced insecurities: They are like you and me, and won theirselves back.

You are beautiful. Perfection is just an image in your mind. True, it exists, but it does in another form:


You're perfect. Remember that. Please spread this message far and wide. Believe in yourself.

Because YOU deserve it. You're beautiful, love yourself for who you are.

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